NetG learning course Essay

With tight deadlines and rapid technological advancements being the order of the day, employees have to constantly learn and cope up to fit into a dynamically changing workplace. NetG offers several electronic courses on a vast array of subjects including development of business and professional skills, information technology and desktop applications catering to different skill levels. Some courses are designed to be self-paced, while the others involve learning in a virtual classroom under the guidance of an online instructor. NetG courses are highly structured and focused to achieve specific business objectives and facilitate efficient time usage. The content of these courses promote easy and quick understanding of the subject by employing suitable learning techniques.

NetG, simply put, is the benchmark for electronic learning courses.One of the primary advantages of NetG learning course is that it can be taken during any convenient time, thereby giving complete flexibility to the learner. It also saves companies a lot of productive employee time, since employees can take the course at home using his/her personal computer. NetG courses make learning possible at a lower cost compared to conventional classroom training. Resources that would have otherwise been spent on commuting to class can also be saved. NetG also helps to break down barriers such lack of previous knowledge and age from deterring the learning processes, as the course can be made to suit any skill level.

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The only disadvantage of NetG is that a student would not be in a position to personally clarify any doubts that may arise while trying to understand a new concept. Hence, lack of personal interaction and external motivation from an instructor is the only compromise in this mode of learning. However, NetG’s Online Instructor-Led courses can help overcome this shortcoming to an extent, as online instructors are available round-the-clock to assist learners (Skillsoft).Reference:Skillsoft. Welcome to NETg Learning.

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