Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Negative messages Essay

Negative messages Essay

Plagiarizm checker:

The assignment you forwarded is plagiarized as plagiarism software indicates that it is 100 % copies from a scholarly article. I have seen some of your earlier assignment with plagiarized work but either the quantity was low or it seemed to me that plagiarism was unintentional. But this time it seems deliberate. This act is unforgivable as I always referred you to the Student Code of Academic Integrity that contains college policy about plagiarism.

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Beside this policy, honesty is always expected and is desired from a student. Plagiarism is equal to social evil i.e. theft and a student is not expected of committing this social evil at any cost. In addition to that, you committed another evil of deceiving your teacher. I therefore, refer your case to the college disciplinary committee for further action. If you need further clarification on the issue, you can contact me.

Your performance and duties are imperative for the organization as it enhance the services of the company. In addition to my response regarding the initiation of a new service in the company’s building, I am writing this memo to sum up the purpose and benefits of new service that are as under;

1.      help us to achieve higher level of Equal Opportunity and diversity

2.      Facilitation of our disabled colleagues and will improve their efficiency.

We will discuss these objectives again on August 1. At that time, please address any questions or concerns you may have on these objectives with me.

Thank you for posing confidence in me the introduction of new service in the building. I want to highlight that I have almost completed the work on the new service ad it complies with the policies and objectives of our company. I want to deliver a powerpoint presentation to all staff on this new service.

I hope to receive quick response regarding this matter.


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Email to Travel agents:

 Hi Nick;

Hope you would be fine. I want to book three tickets for my colleagues to travel to Paris next week. I will send you the details visa fax. Please send the proposed flights at the earliest with probable airfare. Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated.


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