Negative Effect Essay

Organization is a collection of people striving for achieving some collective goals therefore this combination of persons can have positive as well as negative influences over other people within the organization. Since organizational behavior involves the study of human responses to certain organizational events therefore it is quite possible that your organization may have employees which have negative affect in organization.In order to get best out of such persons and create an environment where employees with negative overall affect, it is therefore, important that as a manager, you must possess the necessary insight and acumen to understand different personality traits so that persons with negative influences over the groups can easily be handled.

First and foremost, it is critical that the manager must understand the reasons behind such behavior. Her thinking process shall permit to understand and analyze as to why such negative influences are created. This therefore also includes the assessment of employee motivation as to whether the organization has the requisite hygiene factors in place.The positive aspect of such persons is the fact that they invariably help groups and organizations to realize truth about organizations. By playing the role of devil’s advocates and so called whistle blowers, these negative persons help to understand the down side risk of any organizational decision and provide an opportunity to further streamline and refine the process of decision making.Such persons shall be treated on equal footings and a good manager shall always try to understand their behaviors and strengths rather than concentrating on their weaknesses.

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Exploiting strengths would provide a much bigger opportunity for organizations to exploit potentially dormant and untapped potential of such employees.


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