Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary NCTM (national council of mathematics teachers) standards Essay

NCTM (national council of mathematics teachers) standards Essay

Nctm (national council of mathematics teachers) standardsThe NCTM (or National Council of Mathematics Teachers) uses well formulated standards for teaching mathematics to pre-kindergarten – grade 12. This is a benchmark for all teachers in the subject of teaching Mathematics.  It should be stated that the fundamentals of teaching procedures as per the benchmark formulated by NCTP are homogeneous for students pre-kindergarten- grade 12.The basic standards for students’ pre-kindergarten- grade 12 are divided into two parts: Contents Standards and Process standards. In the parameter of Content standards there are Probability and Data Analysis Standard, Measurement Standard, Geometry Standard, Algebra Standard and Number and Operations Standard and they are all applicable to all the students from pre-kindergarten- grade 12.

In the context of Process Standard the homogeneous applications for students of pre-kindergarten- grade 12 are Representation Standard, Connections Standard, Communication Standard, Reasoning and Proof Standard and Problem Solving Standard. (NCTM, 1)Every aspect of the two basic stands are applicable and used as benchmark for students pre-kindergarten- grade 12 and the regarded as very successful in the context of education. For example, in case of Geometry Standards it is specified that students of pre-kindergarten- grade 12 be taught geometric relationships, mathematical arguments, 3D shapes along with properties and characteristics describing spatial relationships of the subjects. The Standards are also homogenous while it deals solve problems, geometric modeling, symmetry, transformations and visualization. (NCTM, 1)Thus, it is obvious that the standards for teaching mathematics pre-kindergarten- grade 12 are alike.

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This format is used to simplify the basic parameters of teaching and learning the subject as the less complicated and a fundamental homogeneous model makes the basic concepts clearer for the students and the teachers alike.Works Cited:NCTM. Table of Standards and Expectations. National Council of Mathematics Teachers. 2004. Retrieved on 17.09.2008 from http://standards.nctm.org/document/appendix/numb.htm