Na’Vi vs. Aboriginal People of Canada Essay

If we compare Native people of Canada to Na’vi people of the movie called AVATAR, there are a lot of differences like in the past, British people did not had much of technology, but in the movie earth people had so much of the technology. Because in the past British people had so few resources to invent new technology, but in the movie they had more than enough of technology to use. So today we are going to discuss over differences between Native people of Canada and Na’vi people of the movie AVATAR.

In the past when British people took Aboriginal people’s land, they did not fought back, and in the movie when Earth people tried to take Na’vi people’s land Na’vi people fought back. That’s because in the past Aboriginal people slaved British people, and took almost all of their lands. At the end British people gave them a territory to live in, to go hunting, to go fishing, and more like that.

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After few years they realized that animals they were hunting are disappearing, when they went to fishing, the fishes were getting fewer and fewer.And In the movie when Earth people tried to take over Pandora the Na’vi people did not liked the idea and they started to fight back. They did not lost hope to fight back. They lost many of Na’vi people but at the end they won the battle between Earth people and Na’vi people. In the past when British people came to Canada, they were so kind that they traded their weapons, alcohol for fur, lands, and more.

When the British people came to Canada they started buttering the Aboriginal people. Finally when they gained Aboriginal peoples trust they started buying lands that are 1485” for $20(the lands are worth more than $100,000 now).After few years of being friends with British people, Aboriginal people realized that they’re losing their land, losing their freedom of being govern of their own self. But if we compare that with the movie AVATAR, it is somewhat similar, but as soon as Earth people gained Na’vi people’s trust they started destroying Pandora(Na’vi peoples home). After that Earth people declared war between them and Na’vi people. Aboriginal people never fought back and let them slaved to the British army. And in the movie they did not slaved to the Earth people and fought back and won the battle.

Aboriginal people never fought back because they never under stood English, never had help, British people had unlimited men, and that’s what the British people were taking advantage of. By using soft words like peace, their own lands, and many more that they understood. Na’vi people fought back and won the battle because they had some help from the intruders, they understood English and Earth people had limited men. In conclusion the Native people of Canada slaved the British people because they never understood their language.

And Na’vi people of Pandora won the battle because they had some help from intruders .


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