Nature and popular culture Essay

Nature and popular cultureIntroductionArtifacts are man-made creations. Man-made creations today revolve around the regular stuff that teenagers dwell in, more popularly known as pop culture. This paper will study four artifacts from contemporary American pop culture: Cinema, Music, Advertisement, and Clothing.CinemaOne would think a relationship between cinema and nature doesn’t or at most, hardly exists. But in reality it very much exists. Cinema encompasses all billion dollar movies made in Hollywood. These movies are of different genres. Many do not represent nature but some do.

Some represent nature in that they spend so much money to perform fire-related stunts that cause the pollution to rise by as much.Other than that, nature and movies are related because some movies actually depict nature. Many movies revolve around the all-famous Amazon Rainforest.

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Some others such as Lake Placid show the habitats of other creatures such as crocodiles. Believe it or not, teenagers find more about these creatures, trees, birds etc from such movies rather than from geography course books. Finally, the only other contribution of Hollywood to nature is charity funds by celebrities like Kate Bosworth to environmental organizations such as Global Green. This is an inspiration for many and a benefit for the environment.

MusicThe only phrase that comes to mind when you think of music and nature in the same zone is ‘noise pollution’. It is true that loud music causes noise pollution and is a source of discomfort for others. For example, there have been so many complaints about the Ipod causing discomfort to those around the listener. Its earphones ineffectively cut off the sound (, 2007).

Therefore, music or perhaps contemporary audio technologies cause pollution.However, another phrase comes to mind when I think music; ‘Save the World’, a famous number by Michael Jackson that hit the charts and inspired respect for the nature in the hearts of many young ones. So, music has the tendency to send a good environmental message across. Other bands and singers have also tried to follow such as the Blackeyed Peas with their song ‘Where is the Love’ that contained a message to stop war.AdvertisementsIn today’s competitive and fast-paced business world, it is important to stay on the top.

Many manufacturing firms do this by ‘going green’. This means that they apparently worry about the environment and the damage that business activities are causing to it. They portray this worry to the people in the form of adverts. Most advertisements today are about how products have become safer for the environment. It creates awareness amongst the people and hence helps the environment. Other than that, the government sends public environmental messages through advertisements as well, creating awareness.ClothingClothing is a central part of American pop culture.

In my opinion, it hurts the nature. It hurts silk worms, crops, land, and most importantly furry animals. Mink coats are so popular with the elite class. Much of the clothing worn by rich people comes from hurting the environment.  However, there are some clothing retailers that promote the environment such as By Nature. It has come with an “organic” clothing line.

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