Natural Gas Reconstructing Essay

Natural Gas ReconstructingNatural gas, in a specific description, can be considered primarily of methane and a significant quantity of propane, ethane, pentane, and butane. Categorized as a fossil fuel, it can be found in associated oil fields either in an isolated or dissolved in coal beds, or in natural gas fields (www. Natural 2004).Natural biogas is being produced by the decay (anaerobic) of the biomass or the non-fossilized organic matter. This biogas can be seen on marshes, swamps, landfills, as well as sewage manure and sludge in the form anaerobic digesters.

Natural gas is frequently termed to as gas, most particularly when being compared to other sources of energy such as electric power. Natural gas must undergo several extensive processes in order to remove the different components except for the methane before it can be utilized as fuel. These components or by-products include butanes, propane, ethane, pentanes, hydrocarbons, helium, nitrogen, and sulfur (Natural Gas Information 2005).Several applications of natural gas include the power generation, domestic usage on residential units in the form a fuel used in cooking, etc.

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, on vehicles utilizing natural gas, fertilizer, and liquid methane powered aircraft, manufacture of glass, fabrics, steel, paint, and plastics.Furthermore, the environmental effects of natural gas are less significant as compared to the other fossil fuel. It is being considered the cleanest fossil-producing energy as compared to oil or coal. However, in a global perspective, natural gas still contributes to the worldwide emissions upon which are increasing every year (Tiratsoo 45).Therefore, reconstructing a natural gas may be significant considering the context given above. In a general perspective, the objectives of reconstructing a natural gas will lead to: proper restoration and reliable supply of gas by reconstructing and repairing the gas distribution and transmission, to improve energy efficiency and safety, as well as to reduce the possible environmental pollution by significantly converting the connections of self-made gas towards the standards set by the industry, to significantly enhance the recovery cost and eventually strengthen and identify the alternative energy resources. To accomplish such general objectives, different aspects must be considered such as the following: the critical engineering analysis of the gas distribution and transmission; the physical rehabilitation or re-construction of the gas system; technical assistance with respect to the implementation of the scheme and the apparent enhancement with regards to the institutional capabilities or capacities in technical, management, financial and commercial aspects; a unique and distinct heating equipment that encompasses works and goods to relatively offset the preparation and eventual start-up of the reconstruction (www.WorldBank.

org  1997).Safety is also a significant consideration in the reconstruction of natural gas since it contains methane, carbon monoxide, and other gases that are flammable (Oppenheimer 23). Gas leaks during the process of reconstruction could cause explosions wherein the impact can relatively damage a building’s structure and injuries to people. Aside from this, the resources wherein the natural gas is being harnessed should also be considered in the process of reconstruction.

This natural gas can be manifested in the form of sour gas, shale gas, tight gas, and coal bed methane, upon which categorized as an associated gas. Also, natural gas can be of the form of a biogas, or a town gas.The reconstruction of a natural gas requires broad and sensitive procedures. Different aspects during the reconstruction should be considered such as the technical aspect, safety, resources, usefulness, alternatives, and economy. The discussion above clearly describes the critical points to consider as well the defining objectives of reconstructing a natural gas. Since it has various applications, careful execution of such will bring positive results that will be beneficial to all.

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