Native Americans Essay

Introduction.            Native Americans are the original inhabitants of the United States. When the immigrants arrived they were displaced and moved further to the west even though a few natives were left behind.

The displacement was never peaceful but wars were fought, the immigrants in need of land to occupy as the natives fought to protect their land rights.            This coursework paper highlights the plight of the Native Americans and tries to answer questions like, will these natives be regarded as sovereign nations within the united states? And look at the benefits and problems that may arise from this policy.The Native Americans.

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            The Native Americans nations included the Mohawk, Cayuga, Seneca, Tuscarora, Oneida and Onondaga. Historically these nations of the United States fought bitter wars to protect their land but many died and they were almost extinct. In the year 1784, the government negotiated with these natives to end the wars and exchange prisoners of war or hostages, and it happened. The history of all the peoples of America was unified during and after the war of Liberation or the war of revolution. After independence all Americans were declared to be equal. Today even though few of these American natives are existing, they have been integrated to the American society and they are part of the larger America. Therefore, the idea of trying to declare them to be sovereign nations will be a miscalculation that will not work.

            Tensions and elements of discrimination will arise within the peaceful American society incase these native Americans are declared as sovereign states. In the other hand, lawyers will capitalize on this event to demand compensation for the atrocities that were committed against them during the displacement from their ancestral lands and further claim their lands or be paid damages. This idea will do more harm than building a United States of America.


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