National Sport of India : – Cricket? Essay

If you ask some Indians what they think national sport of India is, at least a few would answer Cricket. Actually, the National Sport of India is Field Hockey. The hockey team members deserve better treatment and higher praise. Do we treat both the sports equally or are we biased towards any one? Today, it is obvious the Cricket is growing more popular.

Dhoni fans are ubiquitous in India. Clearly, cricket influences the current Indian crowd significantly. But do we promptly conclude that Cricket is our national sport and take no notice of Hockey players and the game itself?Just because the glorious days of the Indian hockey team are on a hold, do we completely lose faith in its team and stop supporting hockey? The very condition of the hockey team is miserable because of its lack of attention and the government’s low encouraging level. They are not even given the proper shelter they deserve because Indians are in short of patriotism to the national sport of their country. Hockey has been played in India way before Cricket was.

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The very first time Hockey was played in the Olympics, they won the gold medal without conceding a single defeat in any of their matches. Such was the glory of the hockey team. In 1983 India won the Cricket World Cup and instantly its charm reverberated throughout the country.

It was in this decade that Indians were introduced to Televisions as a large-scale that helped the cause. It is not surprising that hockey’s loss was cricket’s gain. Majority of the crowd in India have forgotten the actual joy of the game. Just a few interested hearts can change the future of a few talented lives.


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