National Monument Essay

Fort Sumter has to be one of the most historic national monuments in South Carolina.

This fort has gone through a lot of history over the past years. I will inform you with some of the history behind this fort. The fort was appointed after the man called Thomas Sumter. He was conceived in 1734 and he past away in 1832. One of the main reasons why this fort is so famous is because its known as the first battlefield where gunshots started and it began the civil war. This fort had received an enormous amount of damage during the civil war because there were bombardments all over Fort Sumter.

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The biggest bombardment exploded in April 1861; in addition, around this time the fort was still being constructed the fort was formed in shape of a pentagon because it was believed that a fort has a better change of defending against outside intruders. What made it even better for the confederate army is that it was also built on the beach shore in the edge of the peninsula, so the union army had only one way of invading the fort. The fort was not actually finish when the civil war broke out. During the war the bombings almost destroyed half of Fort Sumter. After, the war was over architects, construction workers, and the U.S military did a great job at restoring the famous fort. This fort was one of the toughest forts to be taken by the union army there was so much bloodshed by the two armies it was unbelievable how many people died on that fort.

This fort is located less than 3 miles away from Charleston. The fort use to have to major battles, so sometimes people from Charleston expected the battle from their rooftops. The reason for that is Charleston was so close to the beach that you could oversee the peninsula of the beach from your own home, so people knew what was going on in the battles they expected all the bloodshed that was going on at that time.

Also, “one of the major battles that took place in Fort Sumter was the Battle of Fort Sumter. The Battle of Fort Sumter was the first battle of the Civil War. ” (Russell 32) It was one of the most intense battles of the civil war it lasted about 34 hours. The union army had control of the fort first, but they were in confederate territory, so the confederate army surrounded the fort and fired upon the fort and the confederates declared that no food or supplies would reach Fort Sumter.

This fort was really important to the union army, so Abraham Lincoln demanded to protect that fort no matter what, he Lincoln demanded that resupply ship will sail out to the fort to help out the soldiers that are already there to give them supplies and reinforcements the name of the ship was Star of the West, but the confederate troops shot at the ship as soon it got close to the fort so it was force to turn around.When Lincoln found out about this, he stated to the confederate army that if they took that fort they would officially declare war against the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln left the decision to the confederates if they wanted war. Then, after the 34 hours of fighting during the Battle of Fort Sumter’s the union army finally surrendered the fort to the confederate army. Once the confederates took the fort from the union army on April 15, 1861 the Civil War had officially started.After, the attacks in Fort Sumter in April 1861, the union army started to fight back they rallied troops to go and try to take back the fort from the confederate army, but there are many failed attempts to try and take back this fort that a lot of good soldiers had to die in action. This battle of Fort Sumter led to the beginning of the famous battle of Bull Run. There is actually a movie that was pretty famous that showed and displayed the battles of Fort Sumter.

The name of the movie was “Glory” made in 1989 starring Denzel Washington and other famous actors.If people really want to experience how it was back in 1961, and see the horrors of the battles of Fort Sumter’s then I recommend to watch this movie, so you can get an idea of what it was like. Finally, if you visit the fort now its actually pretty well preserve they still have all the weapons they used in the war inside the fort. For example, they have all the cannons placed inside the same spots they were back in 1861. What’s really interesting is that they still display the union flag and the confederate flag waving in the air inside Fort Sumter’s.

If you visit this monument you will notice as soon as you walk in that Fort Sumter has been restored to portray the major periods of its history. They have tours inside the fort, so all the people that visit know about the history it holds. Also, they have these shows that they recreate the Battle of Fort Sumter. They have people dressed as confederates and union soldiers.

The best part about visiting this monument is that you could see all the bullet holes that the guns made they kept just like when the war ended, so people can see all the damages the fort took because of this war.In addition, there are rumors that this fort in the night has spirits walking around because a lot of soldiers died in this fort especially during the Battle of Bull Run. Personally, I like it when places are haunted because it makes it more interesting for people to visit. This fort stood for a great cause it was the symbol of independence and it honored all the soldiers that fought this horrible civil war.

After, the World War II was over the fort was inducted to a national monument in 1948.


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