National education, children entering the workforce would

National Honor Society is a prestigious organization that allows students to make an impact on their community and the world around them. I am among the top students who have an opportunity to be involved in NHS, which is quite an honor for me.

Due to my qualification for NHS, I have achieved my goal of reaching my academic potential and determination to help and serve my community. While being a student, I have displayed many examples of scholarship, leadership, service, and character that I believe qualify me as a member of this exceptional organization and will help in the future. My academic achievements are a result of my hard working personality and determination to succeed. This will assure that my membership in NHS is another step towards achieving success in the future, and becoming a worthy role model for people of all ages. By receiving Academic Excellence from seventh grade up until this point in high school, being on the highest honor role, and having a 4.0438 GPA on a 4.

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0 scale, I have proven to my teachers and myself that my hard work studying and time in the classroom is paying off. Without school involvement, I feel I would not be the person I am today. School teaches many life lessons, along with academic content. School teaches time management, character, and work ethic. Without these skills and education, children entering the workforce would be clueless on how to act and behave. Apart from diligently studying, I have had the chance to develop leadership through the sports I play. I have helped lead my team to win many competitions, going 20-5 and winning the county tournament.

During my Sophomore year, I represented the Manchester Junior Varsity Volleyball team as Captain. My job was to relay information to my teammates, help the newcomers to the team feel welcome and teach them drills, and, most importantly, be the leader of the team. I believe leadership is not about one person specifically, but as a whole group in a team effort. I always cheered on my teammates during physically and mentally demanding drills, helped teammates when they struggled to learn a new skill, and made sure my team represented Manchester High School to the best of our ability on our home court, as well as opponents courts. To be a leader and role model for my school, personal qualities are a crucial element.

The skills mentioned above are not only useful at school, but also in my community. I always try to take an active part in my community. I have helped my community by volunteering at a local retirement home carnival. I spent part the day popping popcorn and handing it out to all of the residents. Then after that, I went and played card games and board games with the residents, while listening to their life stories. I could have listened to their stories for hours.

Then finally, I helped set up tables for the residents dinner. I put tablecloths on all of the tables, and I arranged small centerpieces that went with the theme of the carnival. Volunteering is a valuable experience that I feel everyone should take part in. I feel that my time volunteering has taught me lessons that cannot be taught at school, and it has helped me become a better person.

 Finally, I consider myself to have great character from my volunteer work and sports I play that make me eligible for a membership in NHS. I possess a very positive attitude that comes in handy when addressing others. I feel character is distinguished by how students represent their school on and off campus, as stated above.

While at school, I follow dress code regulations, because they represent our schools integrity and appearance. I also have a good work ethic and time management. If I know I have a game or match the night before an assignment is due, I make sure to complete it a few days in advance. I do this because I know if I do it without being rushed, I create a much better quality of work, resulting in a better grade than if I did it last minute. Although I have many valued character traits, I am working to break away from my shyness. I am not the type who will always raises their hand in class. I feel much more comfortable in a small class.

I am working towards breaking away from that shyness and becoming more confident in a larger social setting. I plan on graduating high school with a Core 40 with Academic Honors diploma. After that, I plan on going to college in Indiana to study Radiology or Anesthesiology. I am yet to decide on a college at this point.

The skills I hold in scholarship, leadership, service, and character will help me in the future and they will help me contribute to society to reach my full potential. My academic achievements serve as a strong foundation for my future. It also shows proof that my personal qualities and dedication to learn and serve people of my community meet those of NHS to the fullest extent. 


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