National Asian Peace Officers Association Essay

National Asian Peace Officer Association            The National Asian Peace Officer Association (NAPOA) was established in 1980, promoting development for professionals and creating fraternal relationships with the Asian law enforcement and the communities across United States.

They present annual conference and training in order to encourage cooperation and teamwork among the different section of the federal, state and local law enforcement. They also provide forums for law enforcers from across the nation to voice out their concerns, policies and other procedures that would enhance the delivery of police services among Asians and other minorities. Its goal is to be a more recognized organization that other people and organizations go to for assistance and guidance.            This organization provides an opportunity for Asian American officers to learn more about law enforcement and it increases their professional growth. The association gives equal opportunity and advancement of Asians in the law enforcement professions as well as protecting their rights in their respective agencies. The seminars and trainings given to these Asian officials promote an equal opportunity for them to advance in their work regardless of their national origin. It would further enhance their capability and awareness towards the service they are in.

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            I believe the most significant part of the association’s mission statement is uniting one national organization to form peace officers organizations regardless of race and national origin as long as their aim and interest is the same as that of NAPOA. It is important that this mission statement is taken into account because with this discrimination between peace officers would be somehow addressed. We all know that sometimes religion, sex and national origin are the main hindrance for professional growth because of the boundaries dictated by these issues. With this kind of goal it would foster a better cooperation and collaboration between peace officers regardless of their religion and their national origin. It would give a fair opportunity to all and with no bias included. Asian interest will be addressed and concerns would be dealt with immediately as well as other problems with these organizations in hand. Law enforcers would be able to provide a better assistance and guidance to people in need of help.

They would serve as advocates not only to Asian communities but other communities with the same problems.            As increasing groups of Asians and other groups of people in America today, advocates are needed in order to serve the interest of these people. That is why I believe the NAPOA serves this interest. The association recognizes the needs of this people especially with keeping peace and order. Equality is promoted among the officers even to Asian officers giving way for growth and development among those who serve the law enforcement.            I believe that the association is progressive and is actively seeking enhancement on law enforcement in America.

They are active in training Asian officers, giving yearly seminars to officials in order to improve and update their knowledge in the current trends and other policies. They actively engage in activities that promotes the interests of NAPOA and its members with the community. They institute conference that would benefit their members. In 2002, a summit was developed in order to address the shortage of Asian American employment in federal government. It focused on enhancing the potential of Asian employees by providing seminars and training on management and skills that would equip them in order to meet the current standards. These helped in increasing the chance of better Asian employment with better opportunities at stake.            With this association at hand Asian police in the U.

S can better help the Asian minorities because they can understand the needs of these Asian minorities thus conflict resolution would be addressed quickly. This association is also beneficial to Asian officials in the law enforcement because they are given a better recognition in their works and it provides a better opportunity for them to excel in their performance. The NAPOA would also help in protecting their rights and would address to their concerns and other matters that would benefit Asian employers and officials. The primary benefit of this association is that it promotes the full potential of the Asian Americans towards their service in providing a better, harmonious community for everyone to live in.

            The site lack more information regarding the Association. They lack the sufficient information that would provide a better understanding of their association. It would have been better if they have complete information regarding the association and how it benefits them as well as the people they address to.

It also lacks reviews and other insights regarding their Association but besides that the information and facts included in their site somehow provided the overview of their association.ReferenceNAPOA. (2008). National Asian Peace Officers’ Association. Retrieved May 20, 2008, from 


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