Narrative Reflection: Psychology Capstone Essay

Narrative Reflection: Psychology Capstone            PSY 496 is part of the Psychology Capstone experience which aims to enhance knowledge, skills, and competence in the field of psychology, particularly the application of learned concepts, theoretical perspectives, and such. Applying obtained knowledge and skills in the field of Psychology reflects generally through conducting research-based activities that seek to incorporate conceptual frameworks or models in psychology to establish an acceptable, valid, and reliable conjecture. The remainder of this text will constitute how the expected learning outcomes from the course PSY 496 adheres to the institution outcomes or learning objectives that Ashford University insist on the learners.            To look into the specifics of the matter, two new interrelated learning areas that constitutes the course includes discussion-based learning of research plans, concepts, and outcomes, and the career-community interview which allows the social application of psychological knowledge and skills. The interrelatedness of these two learning areas lie in the process of accomplishing the learning objectives or expectancies for each task, such that they are both related to interpersonal communication.            The discussion-based learning, as a process, requires interaction between the learners in understanding psychological concepts and other related content found on the required reading materials as well as research studies that provide in depth information on serious issues and cases that are highly related to the application of psychology.

The expected learning behavior, in this part of the Psychology Capstone experience, is for the learner to be able to utilize discussion and interpersonal communication in sharing thoughts and ideas, arguing valid and reliable facts or points, analyzing the implication of research studies or knowledge content, and arriving at a full body of knowledge through synthesizing collected data or information.            On the other hand, the career-community interview is a way to apply psychology-related knowledge, skills, and competencies in real-life scenarios by immersing learners within communities for the career growth and development, not only of aspiring psychology professionals, but the members of the community as well. In this case, interpersonal communication is highly regarded as it facilitates effortless and effective communication between the learners and their subjects. Moreover, the application of psychological concepts and theoretical perspectives in this case is highly beneficial to the community.            Both new learning areas relate to Ashford University’s Institutional Outcomes as it reiterates the academe’s expectations of their learners that they be able to communicate effectively, not only in writing, but also through verbal communication.

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In addition, institutional outcomes require the utilization of technology in communication. However, taking the two new learning areas separately, the discussion-based learning allows learners to apply their abilities to critically appraise written learning materials or texts, and fosters the exchange of existing knowledge, skills, and competencies not only to show one’s abilities, but also to help others understand the specific fields or areas in Psychology. The career-community interview, on the other hand, allows learners to show their respect for diversity, whether physically, culturally, and such, and enables them to utilize their capabilities to be of service to other people and the community.            Overall, the learning areas that incorporates the discussion-based and career-community interview approaches taps into the majority of institutional outcomes that the Ashford University is expecting from its learners. Therefore, this must mean that the Psychology Capstone experience allows learners to learn useful knowledge and information in order to obtain necessary skills and competencies for the efficient application of psychology-related concepts and theoretical perspectives. 


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