Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Narrative Paper Essay

Narrative Paper Essay


            I have lived in this world and observed so many things but not all the things interest me, some of them even disgust me.  Let me not talk about what I do not like.  How I would not like to think about them.  Let what makes me happy bring the warmth in me and remove all the cold brought by the unwanted. When I think of how the trees sway around and bring the cool breeze from the sea, I get so happy.  I lift my head just to get the fresh smell.  I love nature.

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            I have never seen the beautiful animals that are always advertised on televisions to be in Africa in real life, but plan to visit Africa one time and feel happy and warm just watching the animals move, jump on each other and feed.  The animals are so beautiful and lovely.  When the animals are shown on the television on how they migrate from one region to the next, how they look for their food and how they play with each other, the scenes make me feel good.

            Generally, I am a person who loves art, nature, spirituality, morality and ethics.

Take some time and visit a horse barn, they will seem like they are talking to you when you move closer.  They grant hoarsely moving their noses towards you.  What would you think of that?  The horses have love and feel happy when someone shows some care for them.

            Do you love God as I do?  He gives me the life, the air to breath, my parents, education and even as I write, he gives me the ideas.  Being close to God makes things move smoothly in life with no problems.  Some other person may see a problem that I do not consider a problem.  Let me just say, he makes life easy for me.  He even brought the nature just to make sure that I am happy.

            I think loving God has taught me a lot.  I love doing the right things at the right time and expect others to do the same to me.  I like things done according to the rules set for them just to feel satisfied and happy.  This makes me avoid a lot of problems.  I know this may sound so strict but, which other way would you want to do it if you love just the right things?  Go for what you like in life and not make your life miserable by forcing things that do not help at all.

            I love people around me and would not want anything to harm them nor would I want to harm them myself.  My parents taught me how to live a morally upright life.  Although I always felt bad when they taught me in different occasions, my life is beautiful with these right things on my way.  Can I say the last among the things I love?  Art!  Just look at the way the women dresses are designed, the dancing attires, the dance styles, the painting in the galleries, name it all.  I love music too.

            Am I just a passionate person with no other things to do in my life?  No!  I am a person of consultation.  I would like to be a consultant later in life in any field of business but most especially a consultant dealing with art businesses.  I study organizational behavior and would like to establish my own consultancy firm.  I believe in my self so much and know I can offer services on what I feel I know how to do.  My past educational experience has been on various fields if I count from childhood, but the most interesting ones have been a few.

            I enjoyed studying how people think and respond in life situations.  Sometimes when caught in a situation I knew the consequences as we had been taught, I would laugh at myself if I found out I knew my next reaction, though this would change since I knew it.  I also loved mental disorder classes. Culture! Just as the beauty of the nature strikes me, archeology was made my course.  The different practicals we did visiting the different cultural communities and studying the funny cultures in the world.  Let not more be said.


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