Mystic Monks Essay

To:  Members, Cody, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce From: Shaily Sharma Re: Mystic Monk Coffee Date: September 20, 2012 Evaluating the plans and strategies of the Mystic Monks Coffee in accordance with six key questions, I have provided answers based on the evaluation of each question. 1. Has Father Daniel Mary established a future direction for the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming? What is his vision for the monastery? What is his vision for Mystic Monk Coffee? What is the mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming? Father Daniel Mary established a future direction for the Monastery and Carmelite Monks of Wyoming.There were 13 monks living in a small home. There were more than 500 inquiries from young men who wanted to be a Carmelite monk of Wyoming and father Prior Daniel Mary wished 30 monks in his monastery.

The monastery was too small to accommodate 30 monks and thus he wanted to build a 500 acres monastery. This monastery would include not just the accommodation for the 30 monks but also, “a Gothic church, a convent for Carmelite nuns, a retreat center for lay visitor and a hermitage”. To build the monastery, father Daniel Mary wanted to acquire a large piece of land.The cost of this land was $8. 9 million.

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In a letter to supporters posted on the monastery’s website, Father Daniel Mary succinctly stated his vision: “We beg your prayers, your friendship and your support that this vision, our vision may come to be that Mount Carmel may be refounded in Wyoming’s Rockies for the glory of God. ” The monastery was self-sufficient and produced delicious coffee sold under the name of Mystic Monks Coffee. Father Daniel Mary wanted to use the profit generated by the Monastery’s Mystic Monk Coffee operations towards acquiring the land. . Does it appear that Father Daniel Mary has set definite objectives and performance targets for achieving his vision? Father Daniel Mary had set defined objectives and performance targets for achieving his vision. Father Daniel Mary wanted to increase the sales of the Mystic Monk Coffee. He knew that the used marketing strategies will increase the future demand of the Mystic Monk coffee. Thus in order to increase its output, he planned to purchase a bigger roaster.

The current Mystic Monk’s coffee roaster limited the coffee production to 540 pounds per day.The new roaster he planned to buy would increase the production to 130 pounds per hour. The monks worked 6 hours a day and thus with the bigger roaster they will be able to produce 780 pounds per day. This will increase their production by 44%. This will help them meet the increasing demand of their coffee while still providing them with sufficient time to focus on their primary objective of worship and meditation. The monks received a quote of $35,000 for the new roaster.

3. What is Father Prior’s strategy for achieving his vision?What competitive advantage might Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy produce? Father Prior wanted to target the Catholic Coffee drinking population around the United States. This gave them a very loyal customer base. Various promotional strategies were used to reach the target market.

Initially the coffee gained popularity mostly by word of mount through its loyal customers. They used a website for sales and also took orders on phone. They posted banners, ads or a connecting link on other participating websites.

They also provided whole sale orders for churches and local coffee shops. . Is Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy a money-maker? What is MMC’s business model? What is your assessment of Mystic Monk Coffee’s customer value proposition? its profit formula? its resources that enable it to create and deliver value to customers? About 30 million coffee drinkers in Unites States preferred a premium quality specialty coffee.

Mystic Monk coffee used high quality organic fair trade Arabica bean. The monks produced whole beans and ground caffeinated and decaffeinated varieties in dark, medium and light roasts and in different flavors.This provided there customers with not just quality but also variety. Their most popular flavors were Mystical Chants of Carmel, Cowboy Blend, Royal Rum pecan, and Mystic Monk Blend.

These name themselves are so attractive that anyone would want to try them at least once. Thus sample bags were also introduced at a retail price of $2. 99. ”.

They targeted wealthier Christian coffee consumers who wanted to have not just a good cup of coffee but were also happy spending their money for a good cause.These coffee consumers were large in number and “More than 69 million Americans were members of the Catholic Church- making it four times larger than the second-largest Christian denomination in the United States. The Mystic Monk Coffee website appealed Catholics to “use their Catholic coffee dollar for Christ and his Catholic church”. These quality coffee consumers generated a lot of revenue for the company and thus making Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy a money maker.

5. Does the strategy qualify as a winning strategy? Why or why not? Father Daniel Mary had done everything to start the best coffee company.It provides fair trade high quality organic products. The coffee is roasted by monks themselves and the money goes to a good cause. They have targeted the right costumers and have a loyal customer pool with a very good marketing strategy.

They had no competitor who followed the same business strategy. Thus in my knowledge the strategy does qualify as a winning strategy. 6.

What recommendations would you make to Father Daniel Mary in terms of crafting and executing strategy for the monastery’s coffee operations? Are changed needed in its long-term direction? ts objectives? its strategy? its approach to strategy execution? Explain. I believe that they can do better in financing the company to earning a higher profit margin. I believe that the Ideas and the execution of Father Daniel Mary are the best and will create one of the biggest coffee producers. They can expand to welcome more Monks in their monastery. In future they can even expand their business in international markets instead of limiting it to the United States. They can enter other countries, especially the one with large Catholic populations.


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