Mystic Monk Coffee Essay

Father Daniel Mary.

Prior of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming. has a vision to spread out his monastery by buying the Irma Lake Ranch belongings. which lists at $ 8. 9 million. The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming have a company called Mystic Monk Coffee.

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The monastics sell different assortments of java. along with gift cards. Jerseies.

and other stuff merchandises on their web site to raise money for buying the spread belongings. Mysterious Monks primary mark market is other Catholics who love forte java and want to pass their money assisting their Catholic household.Father Daniel Mary does non hold the best concern scheme for carry throughing his long-run end.

My recommendations for him would be to put short-run and long-run ends. research investing chances. and advertise to other Catholic dominated states. Father Daniel Mary is the Prior of the Carmelite Order of monastics in Clark. Wyoming. As of now the Carmelite monastics consist of merely 13 monastics.

Father Daniel Mary has a vision to transform the Wyoming Carmelite little monastery into 1 that accommodates to thirty monastics. a Gothic church. a convent for Carmelite nuns.

a retreat centre for laic visitants. and a hermitage.However. the ranch belongings he is trusting to derive for this new monastery costs $ 8. 9 million.

His vision for Mystic Monk Coffee is that the operations will fund the purchase of the spread. The mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming is doing certain that appliers understand the world of the vows of obeisance. celibacy. and poorness and the forfeits associated with populating a cloistered spiritual life ( ) . From reading this instance it does non look that Father Daniel Mary has set definite aims or public presentation marks.He does hold a end of being ble to afford the spread belongings. nevertheless that is a long-run end.

Having small experience in concern affairs. Father Daniel Mary hopes the Mystic Monk Coffee will be plenty to make the sum they need. along with a $ 250. 000 contribution and the New Mount Carmel Foundation ( ) . For the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming.

the best scheme in accomplishing ends is to put little. short-run ends that are come-at-able within a specific clip frame. Father Daniel Mary’s scheme seems to be to do as much money as possible until they reach their end.Mysterious Monk Coffee’s scheme is to aim the portion of the U.

S. Catholic population who drinks java and wants to back up the monastery’s mission. Consumers can merely purchase this java through its web site. On the Mystic Monk website one may happen the statement that Catholics should “use their Catholic java dollar for Christ and his Catholic church” ( ) . This statement is a good scheme for their mark market because Catholics will desire to assist other Catholics.

Another scheme Mystic Monk has is holding different merchandises on the web site.There are dark. medium. and lights joints caffeinated and decaffeinated and in different spirits. Some of the popular spirits are Mystic Chants of Carmel. Cowboy Blend.

Royal Rum Pecan. and Mysterious Monk Blend. The web site besides features Jerseies. gift cards. Cadmiums having the monastery’s Gregorian chants. and java mugs. Besides.

as an inducement to convey in more frequent clients. they are given the chance to fall in a “coffee club” . which offers monthly bringing of one to six bags of preselected java.

every bit good as. free transportation for purchases of three or more bags ( ) .The competitory advantage Mystic Monk’s scheme bring forthing is that people are more likely to buy something where the net income goes to profit a charity or undertaking. particularly if the client is of the Catholic denomination. Mysterious Monk Coffee’s scheme is in the procedure of being a money-maker.

I believe. As of merely late. the monastics have expanded Mystic Monk’s concern theoretical account to include sweeping gross revenues to churches and local java stores. I think that enlargement is the beginning of the procedure of being a money-maker.

Selling and advertisement is a large losing portion to how successful Mystic Monk Coffee can be.Alternatively of concentrating on merely the Catholics in the U. S. .

Mystic Monk needs to make out to other Catholicism dominated states like Italy. Another concern scheme the monastics might see is to roll up investors. who will lend to buying the spread belongings. From what I have read.

the scheme they are following now is non a winning scheme. but is on its manner to going one. For this to go a victorious scheme Father Daniel Mary needs to get down puting short-run ends. for illustration. acquiring adequate money to buy a larger roaster or puting a monthly end.He besides needs to publicize to other Catholic dominated states. where Mysterious Monk could acquire the support from other monastics and Catholic churches.

At the terminal of the instance I read that Father Daniel Mary realized his vision of buying the spread belongings would necessitate a batch of planning and executing. I besides read that he will develop an executing program that will enable Mystic Monk Coffee to “minimize the consequence of its cloistral cloistered restraints. maximise the potency of cloistered chances. and recognize his vision of purchasing the Irma Lake Ranch” ( ) .

The recommendations I would do to Father Daniel Mary would be set short-run and long-run ends. expand advertizements to other states. and make out to investors. I believe these alterations will decidedly assist in Mysterious Monk’s long-run way. Another suggestion would be for Father Daniel Mary to measure and update Mystic Monk’s way. aims. scheme. and the executing of the scheme each twelvemonth.

Markets change all the clip. hence maintaining up with what’s altering will merely assist make the long-run end.


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