Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Mystery of faith Essay

Mystery of faith Essay

            There are instances in our lives that at some point we have to be rigid with our faith and by being such, one has to go in depth to what really comprises his persona and what he truly believes. Having a strong faith is undeniably one of the greatest discoveries in our lives.

Michael Himes in his masterpiece The Mystery of Faith: An Introduction to Catholicism, he elaborate the very essence of being a Catholic hand in hand with the exemplification of the basic principles of its truths. Indeed, the author has the credibility to exhaust all his insights as regards to the essentiality of being a Catholic by being equipped with the different know how in this kind of field. Being a Professor as well is a good note for him to really share what his vocation entails and in this way, it would be easier for his readers to connect and have a fuller grasp of what his conviction stands for.            The loving way that God shows to its people was truly a wonderful gesture for us to feel deeply His love for us.  “We believe in one God, who in some way, exists in three persons” (Himes, p. 6), this is a great example of what our faith is all about. We can never deny that in one way or another we question what it really means to utter that Trinity is the belief in three personas but at the end of everything, we end up just believing, and that was faith is all about. We just follow the doctrine without any further questioning.

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It has been said that “We are loved into existence, and the love of God which lies at the root of all creation, including you and me, is called grace” (Himes, 12), the love of God is always and will always stay in us and in the environment that we belong. The nature of life has a grip to the undying grace that God is showering us. “The grace of God is here, always here, but what is missing all too often is someone to behold it” (Himes, 15), grace is just around the corner and that it just exist within our very nature, the fact is just we are the one in charge to act in response.            The Church embodies to take into account unity as we the believer of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Church come together to accept the love within our hearts. The attachment that promote its people is irrefutably an immense feeling of self worth since by praising and believing together with other people, you tend to explore your horizons which make yourself complete and that is the very essence of the love of God, to find your inner self and feel the love inside.            Baptism is one of the very essential parts of our existence here in this world.

It bounds to make ourselves completely blessed and very much away from all the dangers and evils of this human race. “The best, truest, and most effective way to reaffirm the importance of ordained ministry is to strengthen the ministry of all the baptized” (Himes, p. 73), the more we focus on our people to strengthen their conviction as to their faith, the more it will be spread around the realm and thus, it will make a colossal difference not only within ourselves but to the entire community as well.            Eucharist completes our stand for faith. As we believe and follow what God has provided us, it is also imperative to attain intensification of character in making the community of our own. It is on a positive note to build a community out of our self respect, and by being such, it is necessary to be clean inside and out. Having Christ and receiving Him through Eucharist has a lot to do in uplifting our individuality.            Sacraments of Vocation, specifically Matrimony, enlightens us and ultimately gives joy to our everyday lives.

Giving ourselves completely to others has a very deep meaning because it entails acceptance of other person in our life and submission of ourselves. “To see a marriage lived well is to see the presence of the grace of God manifested in the flesh” (Himes, p.77), the best exemplification of what we have learned from the undying love of God to its people was our strength to do the same with our loved one and to other people that surrounds us. As we go back to the essentiality of grace, the application of such is a contributing element in making a successful family life surrounded by blessings and guidance of our almighty.

            In view of the great knowledge that has been embarked on us making available the work of art of Michael Himes, it gives us the enlightenment that we seek as we go along with the pages of this book. The manner in which the author presents his perception was incontestably comprehensible. By means of reflection at the end of each chapter, it gives his reader the time to contemplate and grasp what he really wanted to go halves. Giving examples as well in the context of his elaboration of his insights truly adds to the substance of his subject matter. It really doles out the purpose of the author to stretch the faith of his readers by giving a detailed explanation of the basic truths of Catholicism.

The interconnections of these basic truths of Catholicism provide a very huge amount of understanding on my part and in the personality that I seize. Practically, those that were explained in the context of this book in one way or the other has a contribution in dealing even with my own life. As the author explicates the real essence of our faith it gives me the conviction to apply it in my everyday life. It could be tough if we perceived what the author convey in his masterpiece as somewhat theory based but if we go much deeper on what we have learned upon the explanation of Himes, it would be easier for us to relate it in our daily lives – to live in accordance to Catholic way.