MySpace and Facebook Essay

I think that stalking is perchance one of the scariest signifiers of maltreatment there is.

Both work forces and adult females are capable of stalking but I think that in most instances it is a male stalking a female. There are many grounds why one individual stalks another. I believe the most common ground is because of choler and humiliation. When one individual breaks off a relationship with another it frequently causes conflicting feelings which may turn a individual into a despairing stalker.I believe that the longer and more intimate a relationship was the higher opportunity for stalking and unsafe behaviour. I think another large ground why a individual will turn into a stalker is because they merely can non accept that their former spouse has moved on and is dating other people. I agree that cyber still hunt has become a job and I think cyber still hunt will go on to increase since so many people use computing machines.

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The instance of the 13 twelvemonth old miss who committed self-destruction because of cyber still hunt is sad and shocking.I know from experience that adolescents can be rather barbarous to one another but this immature miss experienced utmost intimidation by an grownup who should hold known better. I strongly believe that the ultimate duty for the safety of kids on the computing machine falls to the parents. Parents are responsible for guaranting the safety of their kids at all times – including who they talk to and what sites they visit on the cyberspace. In this instance it was the parent making the harassing and terrorising which is what makes this instance so nauseous.

Social sites such as MySpace and Facebook make it really easy for adolescents to organize cyber relationships with one another. This isn’t needfully a bad thing every bit long as parents supervise and kids behave suitably. However. I think cyber still hunt is traveling to go on to increase since so many adolescents use these types of sites and their parents have no thought who they talk to or what they talk about. I think the instance of the 13 twelvemonth old miss who killed herself should open the eyes of parents so that they can forestall something tragic like this from go oning once more.


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