My was born in 2005. It was

My name is Jackson Harry and I was born in 2005.  It was a very busy year not just for my family, but for the world too.  There were many devastating disasters that happened like Hurricane Katrina, and also some major accomplishments too-(  On January 26, the first African American woman was sworn into Secretary of State-(onthisday.

com).   Many disasters happened this year, but some were so severe that they hurt hundreds of people.  There were many tragedies ranging from hurricanes to diseases.  An example would be the outbreak of the Hemorrhagic Fever which killed 311 people-(  In addition, this was the year of record-breaking hurricanes.  The most notable ones were Katrina and Rita both located in Louisiana-(Onthisday.

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com and  Not to mention, there was also an earthquake which killed more than 80,000 people in the Kashmir region which is located in Asia.-(  Even though there were many setbacks, the Earth had some major accomplishments as well. This was a humongous year for women in government.  The U.

S. appointed Condoleezza Rice, the first African American woman as Secretary of State-(  Germany also had a tremendous year, they elected their first woman prime minister Angela Merkel-(  Besides politics, social media developed new platforms including Youtube, which was launched on February 15-(Onthisday.

com).  The software development for robotics had a lot of progress.  Four robotic vehicles completed the task of driving 240 kilometers across the Mojave desert-(  In addition, space exploration had three major events.  First, on January 5, Eris the largest known dwarf planet was discovered-(onthisday.

com). Second, the Deep Impact space mission was launched from Cape Canaveral on January 12-( Finally, on January 14 there was the landing of the Huygens Probe on one of Saturn’s moons-(onthisday.

com).  My family also had an important event… I was born.The day I was born was scary, my Mom had really high blood pressure which was frightening not only for her but also for me.  As a result, she had to go into induced labor which caused me to be born three weeks early.  My family was relieved that there wasn’t anything wrong with me since my Mom was 43 years old.  All things considered, my Dad was 47, my brother was 22, my older sister was 19, and my younger sister was 11.  Yes, I was a surprise.

In the end, I am loved by my family.  Even though people may want younger siblings, I like having older ones because they can take me places and teach me new things.  Another advantage of having older siblings is being the uncle who gets to grow up with nieces and nephews.  Like I mentioned earlier, 2005 was indeed a busy year, not only personally but all over the world.

 Some good, some not so good.  All in all, I’m looking forward for many more eventful years ahead!


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