My Vacation Paradise Essay

My favorite place to go on vacation is Myrtle Beach. As soon as summer arrives I load up my car and begin my trip to the lovely east coast. I enjoy my time spent there with friends and family.

It is such a wonderful place. If I could I would drive to Myrtle Beach every weekend just to enjoy myself. I am always anxious on the ride there. I pack my car packed tight with luggage’s, snacks, and of course friends. Before heading out on the long stretched I 20, we stop at Burger King to get breakfast. I get s excited while riding because I cannot wait till I get there.I get so antsy that I cannot sit still in my seat. When I try to take a nap it never works, because I cannot wait to see glorious city.

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I love riding with my family and friends because we can always find silly ways to entertain ourselves. For an example, we sing to song, make up crazy games and talk till our mouths are as dry as a Texas dessert. It always makes the four hours zoom by quickly. The scenery has extraordinary features once you get closer to the beach. There are so many wonderful sites to look at and learn about. We try to take as few bathroom stops as possible so we do not lose any precious time.As soon as we reach our destination we stop at a fast food restaurant to grab a bite to eat. When we arrive at the beach it is like a huge relief has been token off my shoulders.

The gleaming sun brings joy to my lifeless face. There are so many things you can do before the sun goes down. I like going to the beach during the day. That is when everyone is there. It is always slammed packed. You’ll see kids making sand castles, teenager boys throwing a football back and forth, and surfers surfing wavers. The sand feels so good between my toes.

Running across the sand makes me feel as if I have no worries.The seagulls fly around and around in circles searching for a delicious meal to eat. Friends and families gather together io have a a nice warm picnic to eat. If you’re able to wake up early enough you can spot the dolphin dancing in the waves.

I love the romantic walks at night on the beach. The full moon glistens over the swaying water as we walk by and around it are millions of shimmering stars which makes the scene magnificent. At nighttime the strip is a wonderful sight. That is when everyone is walking the strip. It is jammed packed but it is my favorite time to look into shops and ride attractions.The attractions and shops have bright colorful lights beaming from them.

Sometimes there is entertainment beside the Sky Wheel. The Sky Wheel is one of the most memorable attractions at Myrtle Beach. I get so excited with all of the people around me and it is a great time to meet new people. The strip is a great place for outgoing people. I love Myrtle Beach, withal of its joyful sceneries, and amazing attractions. You could never get bored when being down there.

Myrtle Beach is my paradise vacation spot. I could not think of no better place to be there than Myrtle Beach.


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