My Unforgettable Trip Essay

My Unforgettable TripWhile people enjoy fishing in the morning light, my cousin and I along with his buddies like to make it in a different time; we prefer going to the beach to fish at midnight. Fishing becomes really different at night, the atmosphere turns to be deeper and quieter, the air would be cooler and stronger, however, the fun and enthusiasm of fishing stay the same.

Last summer was the first time I have ever done something like that in my life, we made barbeque and fished the whole night in Atlantic City, it was very enjoyable and unforgettable.The road to Atlantic City turns to be really quiet at night, the kind of quietness that can bring the loneliness to anybody if they are driving alone. As we were driving fast on the free way, my cousin would widely open the windows, so that the cool air of summer night would flap in our faces. It blew through our hair, bringing such a comfortable feeling that we just wanted to let our bodies blew along with the wind. About an hour and a half later, we reached to the bridge leading to the beach.

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We called the bridge the stairway to heaven because of the wide view of the sea behind it seems to stretch for miles away in all direction. The bridge was the sign that let me know we were finally at Atlantic City. We would drive through the silent city to get to our fishing spot.

On two side of the street, lights were off and houses were just as quiet as they were sleeping, the only sound was of the wind carrying dust from the near by beach.As we reached to our favorite fishing spot, it was already midnight. The spot was in the middle of a bridge crossing a river that led to the sea.

After getting off the car, I would stretch out my arms and let the salty air blowing through my face to feel the kind of humid and cool wind that can only be found from the spacious ocean. By standing on the bridge, I could hear the sound of the waves splashing against the shore. The sound was so familiar that whenever I hear it, I feel the childhood happiness of going to the beach with my family coming back. About one mile away from our position I saw how the river was connecting the sea. It was such a fantastic sight where the river joint into the big ocean. Sitting on the bridge, I felt like I was just a tiny grainy sand in front of the great scene of nature.

After setting up the fishing rod, we started our barbeque picnic. The attractive smell of roasted beef and chicken mixed with the sweet combination of barbeque sauce and white wine spread out miles away.I hated when the smell of campfire smoke lingered on my clothes, but the smell of roasted beef grease was so undeniably delicious. As we were eating, my fishing rod suddenly started shaking like something was pulling it from the string. Immediately, I caught the rod and started pulling, I could feel the heavy weight of something beneath the sea surface.

After a couple minutes, I saw the stingray splashing the water on my hook. Pulling the fish was the most exciting moment of my fishing day. Our night continued o with more adventure similar to my fishing moment until the morning came. It was great.Nevertheless, enjoying the sun rise was also one of the best parts of our trip. We waited until around six am to see the sun rising from the far away sky line and brought the bright morning light upon the stunningly beautiful nature.

When the sun beam slowly touched my skin and the morning wind blew over my body, I had never ever felt so lively. Under the morning sun, everything became more vivid, the sand looked shinier, the ocean looked deeper, and the leaf looked greener and even the people looked happier. The sky color changed from black, to dark purple, to dark blue and finally to a bright colorful blue mixing with the shining yellow sun beam.

It was such a gorgeous scene of nature that anyone who saw it would never forget that moment for the rest of their life.After one and a haft year staying and studying in the U.S, that was the most unforgettable trip that I have ever taken. I really enjoyed the quietness of the night sea, the juicy barbecue and the sun rise moment; and moreover, I had a stingray to take home as a reward after a whole night fishing. I will definitely go again in the upcoming summer.

I love the trip and will never forget the feeling that I had.


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