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My desire to become a nurse has beenlong standing, as I am inspired by my commitment to helping vulnerable peopleand making a difference to their lives. In 2015 I graduated with a diploma inMidwifery, during the time I gained a lot of experience while I did my internshipin the community, hospital and local health centers. I was able to work alongwith some exceptional midwives that educated me to take full responsibility ofcaseloads and have an all-inclusive view about patients.

Learning through theprogram I realized that every patient had to be attended to on an individualbasis thus, providing care and support both physically and emotionally to patientsand newborn respectively were some skills I developed through my experience.This is what I hope to be able to give back, to provide extra ordinary care forthe elderly; maybe someday I can be an inspiration to others to shine for ahigher level of care. After my diploma, I joined my husband in the UK who wasalready on a doctorate research program and I had to wait until he completed hisstudies before beginning my nursing training. At the moment my career goals isin becoming the best nurse I can possibly be and in the future of the NHS as Iwould aspire to work my way to a senior position by demonstrating mycapabilities. Within the last three years I have beenable to gain adequate work experience within the health care industry. In myprevious role as a mental health support worker within the NHS privatehospitals, my communication skills was greatly improved as I had to conveyinformation in a clear and concise manner to both colleagues, patients andtheir family. Being a mother has taught me to multitask and manage my time verywell even while under pressure and this has helped develop my mental state andimprove my organizational ability in managing things in a ward.

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My commitmentto service is seen in my duties which included patients observation, writing careplan, encouraging patients’ on withdrawal issues, assisting the nurse in chargewith patient medication, escorting patients going on leave to mention but afew.  In my current role as a carer, Ihave shown my obligation to ensuring quality care is given to service users, aswell as supporting them in their personal care, feeding, reassurance, grouptherapy advice and lots more, making me a good advocate for my patients. I amfully aware how challenging the nursing profession can be, especially indecision-making where priorities have to be made by evaluating and combining avariety of human skills to improve patient lives, but as rewarding as this canbe I believe that my skills will fit for the future of the NHS and this willcertainly be a fulfilling career.

 Having lived in the United Kingdom fora while now, I have been exposed to different languages and culture, and Ibelieve that a blend of rich culture, technology and heritage of the UnitedKingdom will definitely expose me to a new world of prospects that can help meto grow personally, technically and professionally as well. I am convinced that I can prove myself as a good and dedicated student for the Adult Nursing program, since I have had aremarkable background in my previous study. I am a good team player and Ibelieve that my experience and knowledge will positively contribute insights toclass discussions. My research into the school shows the department has a very strongfaculty, advanced research centers, laboratories and this presents the bestlearning opportunities that will help me to realize my full potential. Therefore,I hereby apply to be considered as one of your undergraduate candidates. Thank you for considering my application.

 Sincerely,Helen Ukwungwu


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