My sister and I Essay

My sister and I. We look alike, but looks can be deceiving.

Two very similar people can be drastically different or astonishingly the same. Although we share the same roots we are substantially uninform. Yes we both have common resemblances in our features like our eyes, hair color, and nose; but, our charismas, interest, and goals are very distinct and headed in different directions. Even though we are very different we are two peas in a pod, one for the other. My sister is cautious, quiet, and sane.

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Basically the total opposite of me.I am free spirited, obnoxious, and mellow. My sister likes to take precautions even when using a fork.

As for me I like to live my life to the fullest by not letting opportunities slip me by. She likes to be alone and to isolate herself. On the contrary, I like to be the center of the attention surrounding myself with friends and family. She is sane, calm, cool, and collected (thinking things through). I am a mellow fellow who occasionally laughs at the insane things that I do. Oddly enough we get along like magnets like when they say opposites attract, it’s true.My interests conclude being active in the field of sports (mostly soccer and competitive swimming), going out and having a good time with my friends and family, and occasionally surfing the web in my spare time while listening to music. As for my sister, her strong suits are in academics, mostly reading and writing; instead of being silly she’d rather bake a cake or something like that, as well as read a book than online socializing.

While I was bringing in the Championships trophy’s she was bring home the National Junior Honor Society awards.Although we have many differences in our interests we have some similarities like we both like to go to the theater frequently and we both have an obsession with junk food. Our goals are about the only other thing we have in common.

We both long to succeed in college one day and get our names recognized in this world. Despite our career paths are in different directions we support and encourage each other to fulfill our dreams.My sister dreams of becoming as great as Chef Marcela Valladolid form “Mexican Made Easy”. While I long and dream of saving peoples’ lives as a Certified Registered Nurse. We one day ope to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

As well as make not only or parents but our family’s name proud. I can’t wait for her High School Graduation in 5 years to cheer her on like she did to me when I graduated. In conclusion we may look identical but we couldn’t be any more alike than the dynamic duo of Timon and Pumba, Patrick and SpongeBob, or Lilo and Stich. I have to say that having sisters are the chocolate chips to my cookies.

Although a cookie is good by its self it is perfect with a little extra sweetness. That’s why I am thankful to have my siblings by my side that make my life interesting.


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