My Reflection Essay

My Reflection            Ever since I was a young child, my parents have inculcated in my mind the importance of education in our growth as individuals. As I grew older, I became more determined to fulfill my dreams and aspirations by going to school and attending classes. The education that I have banked on would help me land a good job in a reputable company as either a supervisor or as an administrator.

            Since the course was online, more modules and readings were made available for the students. During the course, I experienced a different technique in learning. We were divided into groups of two or three to complete the requirements. We prepared for two three-hour sessions for K-12 teachers. In a well organized Power Point Presentation, we discussed objectives, trainers, the evaluations needed, and the budget. In addition to this, the resources, materials, and equipment needed were also given much attention.            The exercises also taught me numerous ideas. I was able to research more about the various evaluation models, and create a tool that administrators can use in their district to evaluate the performance of their teachers.

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As I combined the research I conducted with the readings assigned to us, I was able to see the important factors to be considered when assessing teachers. As an administrator/supervisor, I should be more of the observant type. I should pay more attention to which parts to be improved, so that the students may receive proper education.            The Evaluation Sheet, that I made, were based on researches and observations my group and I did. This tool can be easily used by administrators, especially when trying to figure out which areas to focus on. May it be big or small details, all should be taken into careful consideration in order to provide the necessary education deemed by the government for the children.            The course was definitely to my advantage, for I still had the privilege of work, while at the same time studying.

This opportunity also made me more disciplined with my chosen path, for I had to learn how to balance my studies with my work. In addition to this, I am not pressured to learn everything, as required in school-based courses. I can facilitate learning in my own pace, and practically take the course wherever I am in the world. I do not have to worry about the hassle of being late from school.            Although online courses are relatively easier than regular courses, I also felt its downside.  The group assignments were difficult from my end because I am an independent person.

If given the choice, I work more effectively when alone. The idea of having to work in groups to complete assigned tasks gives the impression of dependence on others. If independent learning is promoted, then more thoughts and ideas can flow and be put to action.            From the course, I could also say that my personality has improved.

I am now more confident about myself, especially when it comes to my knowledge. Unlike regular school, we can easily review previous lessons given, without being intimidated by peers. The kind of set-up online courses provides gives me a wider perspective about things, making me more prepared in becoming a supervisor/administrator.            Although interaction with the professors and peers are less in online courses, I must say that I have achieved enough knowledge needed for the position. The cognition would open more doors for improvement, especially in the academic field. 


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