Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary My Reading Experience Essay

My Reading Experience Essay

            When I was still a small child, no one read any book to me because from where I live—Mexico—our situation did not offer adults the opportunity to have the free time to read books to their children. People will buy food and other basic necessities with their money instead of purchasing books for their children. Nevertheless, I was able to learn to read at the age of eight when I began going to school. A few years went by and our family’s situation got a little bitter, and by that time my mother started reading to me during her idle time and before I got to bed. The book that my mother read to me most often was “Cuantos Para Ninos” or “Stories for Kids” which was a collection of stories for children. The book was one of my early childhood favorites and I sometimes read the stories by myself whenever I had the free time or I had nothing else to do at home.

            Growing up, I discovered some of the written works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez and I found interest in reading some of his works. I found some of his works exciting for the reason that, apart from others, they reflect his life experiences to a certain degree. Knowing for a fact that the early life of Marquez was a struggle for him, I could easily relate to his family’s financial circumstances.

            Another book that I have read is “Black Boy” by Richard Wright. At first, reading the book was something that I needed to do as far as my academic performance is concerned. The class was required to read the book which first gave me the impression that I would just have to finish reading the book and complete my class requirements. However, tens of pages in the going and I found myself ‘hooked’ with Wright’s book. Eventually, I found the book a very interesting read. It somehow shares certain similarities to some of the books of Marquez that I have read in earlier times. The situation of poverty can be poignantly reflected in “Black Boy” which, yet again, pinched my heart precisely because my family and I also had financial struggles during my childhood days.

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            Throughout the years that I have read books both in home and in school, I eventually found the eagerness to read books written by other authors, both known and relatively unknown. To put it simply, I slowly learned the joys of reading texts and tomes without having to require or force me to read them in their entirety. More recently, I have been reading Noelle Steel books out of personal interest. I can say that from my early years as a child my passion for reading has grown bigger than before. However, my busy schedule in my work has limited my extra time for reading books other than those that are required for school. Since most of my time is primarily divided between school and work, I barely find enough time to do what I once did in the past—reading books that interest me the most, apart from the books that I am required to read in school.

            As far as I can remember, I never had the chance to read in front of others or even just a few people. When I was a child my mother would do the reading for me. When I read during my free time, I simply read alone without the distractions that may come along the way when reading in public places. But in school, I felt excited reading in front of the class. It was such a pleasurable experience and one that I have not yet been able to do in previous years. Reading before my classmates is perhaps one of the few moments in my life that I will treasure most because reading in front of them gives me the opportunity to give my own interpretation of the text with my voice. Besides, it is also one of the rare moments in my life when I get the chance to recite books that I read without being alone.