My Reaction Paper on Virtue Epistemology Essay

We were given an opportunity to listen to the lecture of Prof. Samuel P. Vera Cruz M.

A about virtue epistemology. I wasn’t able to finish the whole lecture since I have to attend the following subject but I was able to gain additional insights regarding it. At the beginning of his lecture, he mentioned different names of philosophers, each having different views about philosophy. By this, I came up with the conclusion that each of them became or were named as philosophers not because of fame or level of education but because of their philosophies and on how they give importance to philosophy.He mentioned that virtue epistemology is about broadening the traditional epistemology therefore, it is welcomed by many philosophers. He also talked about epistemic goods. Epistemic goods are knowledge and understanding.

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Epistemic goods are associated with epistemic obligation. It is about being responsible with the things we believe and the knowledge we have. There are also certain beliefs that people are obliged to believe.We can relate the epistemic goods and epistemic obligation with the saying, “With great power comes great responsibility.

” Aside from these, he also mentioned the reliabilist versus the responsibilist. Reliabilists believe that motives are not necessary for one to become virtuous while the responsibilists believe the other way around. These are the things I learned from Prof. Vera Cruz’s lecture. Because of the knowledge he shared to us, I had a better understanding of epistemology and of philosophy.


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