My professional contributions to the school district Essay

My professional contributions to the school districtSince my high school days, I have always had a passion for teaching. Even after five years of teaching, my passion for teaching hasn’t been any better than now. Not all occupations give one an opportunity to be rewarded emotionally. Teaching is one of those occupations where one has opportunities to sense the much pursued satisfaction and probably pride too. Whenever a teacher stands before a class, he or she has the opportunity to change student lives. On most occasions, these changes are someday realized as life transforming changes, and key to success.

I know how important such changes are because I am indebted to my teachers for inculcating such changes on me. I have understood that there can probably be no experience more worthy, than when a successful student attributes his success to his teacher. I have a good understanding of the responsibilities of a teacher and how these can be achieved, based on which I am confident of contributing to the school district in several ways.Coordinating with parents and faculty has helped me to understand the expectations and role of parents and students from a teacher’s perspective. Teaching is deeply associated with well considered belief systems related to pupil’s interests, strength and their learning capability. Effective teaching happens only when the teacher is totally committed to student achievement and development. As a teacher I understand the importance and need to impart knowledge and values which students can associate with.

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Learning outcomes are realized and effective teaching occurs only when teachers really love their subject and make the students know that they love it. Although the same topic may be taught several times to the students in the course of a teacher’s career, a teacher should be able to retain the same level of enthusiasm and kindle student’s involvement. Teachers must make the subject exciting for the students by relating aspects of the topic taught to anything that can be associated with their real world. Apart from being able to make complex issues understandable by the students, the teacher needs to ask appropriate questions to get imaginative and evaluate answers.

As far as possible teachers need to avoid excessive oral and board usage. Teachers need to listen to their students, to keep them interested and involved and assign only those works to students, which they can actually handle. The students’ work needs to be assessed with some praise for any success at the given task. Teachers need to be courteous to their students and let the students know that they care for them not just as students, but also as people. My patience coupled with an understanding of classroom strategies will make learning an interesting experience to the students.To make a successful contribution as a teacher, one must have an idea of working in a multi cultural environment.

As in any other profession, culture has its influence on the effectiveness of teaching. I have an understanding on the impact of culture on learning. Students of different cultures perceive learning or education, in different ways.

The teacher must understand the influence of culture on their learning, to help students develop necessary skills and realize learning outcomes. I also understand that it is important for the teacher to be aware of their own cultural influences impacting the students. My relationship with people has also taught me that people of all cultures do not perceive and tackle their problems in a similar way. I believe a teacher should consider ethnic and cultural influences, when analyzing a student’s shortcomings and taking corrective action.

Meaningful teaching requires dedication and commitment to the chores handled each day. As a teacher intending to make a positive impact on the students, I know that my qualities and abilities as a teacher would only be reflected in the outcomes I am able to bring on my students. Teachers are not only responsible for teaching the subject but also instill values in them as they develop.

When students become successful individuals in their adult age, the contribution of their schools and teachers may go forgotten. However when they fail as individuals and citizens, we as teachers have a moral responsibility in their failures.Paper IIThe field of education is constantly transforming in response to the needs of the society. This in turn has produced considerable changes in the role and responsibilities of a teacher. My teaching experience with my perception of teaching trends and requirements has rightly made me to always anticipate a challenging and changing role for the teacher.

This is not only because of the newer demands made on education, but also due to the role played by technology which has in fact impacted every occupation. Technology has been introduced in all fields and occupations, either directly or indirectly, and its benefits are evident in terms of time, quality, process etc. The work and responsibilities of a teacher is no exception to technology benefits. I have an understanding of the possibilities of technology in classrooms, their advantages and disadvantages.I understand that the teacher has an important and perhaps mediating role for the child in experiencing the school world in which the learning occurs. As a teacher, I need to identify myself with the school and similarly also help the children in identifying themselves with the school, via their teacher-student relationship.

In their interaction with students, teachers must also ensure the relationship of the child with the school and not just the teacher alone. The children must familiarize themselves with the functioning and rules of the school and develop a sense of belonging with the school. The school is the first organizational model for students to experience social interaction and behaviour pattern, and the teachers have a crucial role in ensuring that students are comfortable.I always try to see my students as individuals. I believe it is important for the teachers to see students as individuals and not as a group, at least as far as possible. The earlier trend of teachers was to see students as a group, irrespective of the class strength, which is now being set right.

The class size too needs to be planed to facilitate individual pupil attention by the teachers. Only when students are seen as individuals, teachers would be able to provide individualized attention, which in turn help in developing the confidence of the students. Only with teacher support, the confidence gained by the students further helps in developing newer talents.

The teacher must strive to see students as individuals with varied talents and interests and cater to their needs on an individual basis. As a result oriented teacher, I carefully observe the various interests of the students and identify them. Such observation is based on the understanding that each student has his or her own hidden strengths which should be used to improve their respective weaknesses.I have always believed in the continuous professional development of teachers. I always try to learn from each development and each student I come across. To realize learning outcomes among students, teachers should not only have subject matter knowledge but also related pedagogy and professional knowledge. Teachers should possess pedagogical or academic instructional intelligence to make teaching correspond to the learning styles of students and instructional objectives. Such intelligence also reflects the ability of the teacher to adapt to the learning situation in different learning environments and cater to individual needs in heterogeneous group of children.

Pedagogical intelligence can be developed in teachers when teachers are motivated towards lifelong professional learning. The development of teachers requires them to develop a continuous understanding of the psychological needs of the students, and an understanding on the recent developments in curriculum.There is no doubt that effective teaching is the foundation for academic success in society.

I believe teachers need to constantly strive to improve our individual teaching skills for the benefit of our students. When lapses occur in the teaching and guiding of students, poor foundations are laid for them, which then affect the student’s educational attainment levels in future. A successful teacher requires knowledge and skills in several areas including their approach, class management, organising, and instruction design. The effectiveness of a school teacher is also reflected in his or her beliefs and commitments. The future has relevance to the past and present.

My knowledge and experiences in teaching would assist me in contributing to the development of the school and its students.


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