Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary My philosophy of nursing Essay

My philosophy of nursing Essay

There are a number of reasons that drove me to choose nursing as a profession. These reasons would centre around the fact that nursing is a challenging experience and is quite diverse. Importantly though, I have chosen nursing to be able to have a firsthand chance of assisting and caring for others.

Nursing means different things to different people. Some may think of it as the provision of healthcare to those that are ill and most importantly for a pay. It is true that nurses assist the sick, making them comfortable in their path to recovery, performing non clinical duties on the patients. To me, however, nursing is a calling, a vocation that mostly relies heavily on ones personality. Nursing hence is the act of caring and nurturing for both the sick and the healthy people with a kind heart. A nurse is charged with the noble duty of comforting the sick and looking at the health of those that he or she gets in touch with.

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This brings up the issue of health and its definition. There are those who believe that one is healthy if they do not exhibit any physical malfunctioning. This is not so. To me, for a person to be considered healthy, he or she must be properly functioning, physically, mentally as well as socially. It is possible for someone to have a fully functioning body but be facing a myriad of social problems that are weighing down on him. As a nurse hence, I have the duty of ensuring that people that surround me are functioning physically, mentally and socially. This includes assisting them to cope with physical and mental discomforts that they may be encountering.

As aforementioned, nursing is a vocation that is driven by self will. This emanates from the fact that the desire to assist and care for others come from deep down the heart. It requires more than courage for a person to interact with people suffering from various diseases. This is driven by a passion that comes from deep within oneself. A look around the society and hospitals reveals sick people in dire need of help. These may be suffering from hopelessness having given up on life. It is such people that require constant attention and assistance to help alleviate their situations in life. It is such people that have captured my heart and aroused a deep interest in me to help others.

            It is aptly put that charity begins at home. For your accomplishments to be recognized by the public, you must have received immense praise from your family for a job well done. The family is the first agent of socialization and it has a huge bearing on what we become in future. My family has played a great role in shaping the person that I am today. They have been encouraging me along in my studies as well as being at the forefront to pat me on the back whenever my performance became outstanding. For this hence, the first loyalty is to my family and I could do everything to make their life more enjoyable. This love for my family I am hoping to replicate in the outside world. I would like to treat my patients like they were a real part of my family, providing assistance and care that I would give to members of my only family.

With such a philosophy, I shall have accomplished all that I have set out to accomplish in my career. A career whose interest spans from childhood, driven by the need to take care of others and alleviate the suffering facing our society.


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