My personal preaching gifts as i see them now Essay

IntroductionPreaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is a call to all humanity from God our heavenly Father through his selected servants. Our Lord the Father and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ, desire for us to heed their call to go back to the Kingdom of God. I have a call that I believe that is special and I have to put it into work to preach the true gospel, the gospel of Jesus Christ. This call from God has no limits; it applies to every one of us who has a call, in all arts of the world, despite their personal beliefs.My personal preaching gifts as I see them nowI have a unique feeling that prompts me to preach the gospel.

My inspiration is deeply from my soul in an urge to please the Almighty father by serving him. Being brought up in a society of sinners I have always wanted to serve God by passing his message to all nations. Jesus Christ was not jealous and died for us. Imagine the God’s love, endless love that he sent his only son to die for us. When I think about it I feel that I owe Jesus my life, I would give him my life to use me as a vessel for the gospel.Back when I was a child I used to ask myself several questions concerning the word of God. My mother was a strong Christian and could try to explain my questions.

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I developed a very strong quest to challenge God in everything that I did and surely I did not fail in whatever I asked God for.All my life I have felt something missing in my heart. I have got all the education that I needed and yet I cannot find peace when the world is full of cries. Everywhere in the world people are suffering from calamities, diseases and misleading cultures. I have a duty to preach to them the true word, which will give them salvation of Jesus our Lord.

For many years I had a deep feeling in my spirit that God had called me to hearten, to uplift and to help others realize and salvage their calling and value in the word of God and to preach the gospel to the world.My gift for preaching started during my childhood. In fact today I can comfortably give sermons that can change the world’s negative attitude. My sermons are wordless but can be seen or felt by the beloved children of God.

Since I knew how loving our God is, I left my beliefs and focused to show love to his children. The broken families, marriages and conflicts are signs that we do not love others.One of my preaching gifts as I see it now is knowing that I am not ready, but I want to get ready I want with all my heart to be on my mark in the ready position for service, ready to minister his word.ConclusionMy preaching gifts have been a great journey in my heart.

As a servant of God I respect and honor his call and will always do according to His will. I got baptized and I think I took a responsibility of serving God. Through my sermons, some of which brings me to my knees are evident of the calling and the great mission I have to accomplish in this world.ReferencesHughes, Oliphant. 1998. The reading and preaching of the scriptures in Christians.

New York: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishers.


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