My Passion Essay

I’m very passionate about sports but mostly I have love for the game of football. I have been playing football for about six years and it is the best decision that I have done with my life. While I was in football I learn leadership to think before others needs then myself, to be selfless. Football taught me many things but most of all I could do anything if I put enough sweet and tears of hard work into something I can do it, even though it might seem impossible.

After years of being a Vista football panther, I had another family but mostly we formed a brotherhood for life. My passion is important to me and those close to me because football made me become a leader on and off the field. Being a leader is more then just bossing people around, it means you have to take full responsibility for the people that you are leading.

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Meaning, if I fail or do not do the right thing, the fault is mine as a leader. Being a leader is probably the hardest job out there.You have to be a good example, you have to think of others before yourself. Some people would rather follow than lead because of its responsibility and hard work and selflessness, so that is why you see following more often. I find being a leader to be an honor and a privilege and I will never take that for granted.

Football is one of the hardest sports out there for its physical brutality, its mental toughness, and you beat all of that with heart, desirer and hard work.Having heart and desirer could mean many things but to me it means to give every thing you have into something that you love to do and would do anything for it. To fight through any pain or problem that you face without giving up. Football has taught me hard work in the gym, in the classroom and on the field. It taught me how to never give up on something that I wanted and even through it might look impossible it never was.

If you had heart, desirer and hard work to give then you will always succeed.


I'm Ruth!

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