Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary My Navy counselor Essay

My Navy counselor Essay

Are you a naval officer or a Navy career counselor? Do you wish to be one someday? If you are looking for a web-based interactive environment that affords you a wide range of opportunity, then mynavycounselor.com is what you are looking for. Before you delete this message I will love you to take some minutes to consider this.

In mynavycounselor.com, we have a message board where you have the unlimited assess of posting questions, messages and share your acquired knowledge with other members and navy counselors. Apart from this, signing up on the site makes you visible to Navy career counselor. One click… and you are on your way to being connected to you command’s sponsor coordinator!

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Naval force becomes more interesting when you have someone to mentor you. In mynavycounselor.com, we provide you with the rare opportunity to electing you mentor to be another person’s mentor. You will also have access to Popular Links and Resources Tools that are essential for any naval officer.

In addition to this, there will soon be Education, Transition Assistance and Navy Evaluation sections on the site. A chat room and message board will be coming soon for various sections above.

What are you waiting for? You are just minutes away from having your career dreams come true! Click… register…participate and you will happy you did!