My last vacation Essay

MY LAST VACATIONThere are various reasons why people plan trip to places of interests.  As soon as I concluded my academic programs last semester, I decided to go on vacation to a place of interest. The next decision was to find a choice place to visit. Of the options I had in mind which include Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto, Spain, Greece, I chose Toronto because of its peculiarity topography.Toronto is the largest city In Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario.

It is also the fifth most populous municipality in North America and is allocated at the heart of the Great Toronto Area. Being one of the top financial cities in the world, I planned to visit some of the financial institutions especially the Toronto Stock Exchange which is regarded as the seventh largest in the world. I also visited a number of large financial and industrial corporations.Among other things, I was fascinated by the low crime rate in the city which may be unusual for such a ‘financially-buoyant’ city. This made easy traffic of people and business interactions possible in the city. I did not have so much money when I went but since I enjoyed myself since I was not harassed nor cheated by anyone because I was a novice to the city. No such thing happened. In fact, its respect for human right is excellent; every one is seen and treated as a citizen of the world when religious or ethnic affiliations matter little.

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This is a very good record and I was a first-hand witness of this friendly attitude of the Torontians.I did not want to leave the place. The standard of living is quite high and to maintain yourself is an expensive adventure. So with the limited money I had, I stayed in a low-income class hotel for the period of two weeks I spend there. The astonishing thing is that the environment is ever-clean, debris cleared, trash sites emptied regularly and environmental hazards averted in time.In enjoyed my trip to Toronto and I am looking forward to another trip to the city when I have more money and time to spend! 


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