My Journey to “Civilization” Essay

My Journey to “Civilization”            My life path can be considered as a journey of an individual through a desert in search of the correct the path towards “civilization.” As I journeyed further into the desert, I became more desperate and highly dependent on water. I have to rely on coconuts in order to get through this unfavorable situation to be able to achieve my goal which is finding “civilization.

” During my travel, I became more hopeless as the dessert’s vastness continued to envelope me that made my goal seemed impossible to reach. But when I came across an oasis, a place filled with water and food, I immediately took advantage of the available resources that I temporarily forgot about the purpose of my journey. After awhile, I have realized that staying in the oasis can never satisfy my hunger and thirst for “civilization.” So, I decided to conquer my fear of the desert and pursue my goal. Because of perseverance, I was able to find “civilization” that I have been searching for so long.I chose the desert as a symbol of my life because it represents vastness and uncertainty which are both characteristics of life. These qualities of the desert have perfectly described my previous life.

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The oasis refers to the challenges that I have been through in my life. At the same time, the oasis also represented the biggest struggle that I have experienced which was when I managed a gym that I decided to let go due to some financial setbacks. Meanwhile, civilization is the parallelism of my goals and aspirations in life. Reaching one’s goals can be done through perseverance and hard work resulting to a more contented and happy existence. I chose this analogy of life and desert because both demonstrated ambiguity and indefiniteness. People may be able to draw out lessons in their travel in the dessert but somehow humans continue to be consumed by their dilemmas towards achieving their individual “civilizations.”An important attribute concerning people’s life is their defining moment.

This is important because of its capability to influence people which path or direction they will take. In my case, one of my defining moments is when I found out I could no longer operate the gym due to some financial issues. The context behind the analogy is that my interest and affiliation with the fitness industry was only temporary and it was not really what I wanted to do in my life. However, this experience was not a total setback because in a way, I have gained several benefits from it. In fact, it even became a catalyst for my realization that this profession was not truly meant for me but it was more of a preparatory course towards my future endeavors.This realization brought me to another defining point in my life which was realizing my true calling and profession.

It took a while before I figured out what I wanted for my professional life. I have never thought that I would land a job with such social significance being a sign language interpreter. Working at Yolo County made me happy and contented. This job defined me because it erased all my previous doubts regarding my future. Through this, my goals became clearer which have encouraged me to attain all the things that I have set for myself.Another important aspect that needs to be looked into in my life is my evolving identity. These are important events in my life that have shaped the person I am now. I have experienced several shifts of identity in the entire duration of my existence.

The first one happened in high school. At that time, I was an average student with a mediocre and boring student life. But through my family and friends, my life seemed more interesting and way more fun that made me more adventurous and hardworking. Because of this, going through college life became easier.However, I thought that after earning my college degree in Liberal Arts, I would be able to determine what I would do for the rest of my life.

But it proved to be of little help for I was clueless about what I am supposed to be or what I have to do. My interest in the arts manifested when I was in high school. This prompted me to take a course that is related to the arts. Learning about the arts had developed my creativity and resourcefulness which are important skills in the professional world.

However, after graduation, I became a little confused of what professional path I will take.Then, I grew interests in the fitness industry. As a result, I studied the fundamentals of gym management and aerobics and received certification.

After that, I started managing gyms and at the same time teaching aerobics.However, after 5 years, I began to realize that this field was not really my calling. This prompted another shift in my identity. Then, I decided go back to school again, this time at Junior College to pursue an AA in Sign Language studies.My 2nd course proved to be an important facilitator of identity change because I began to find new meaning in my life. This was instigated by my decision to quit my gym management job and pursue something more fulfilling in my life. Due to hard work and persistence, I finished the course and landed a job as a sign language interpreter for the county.

This job became an important factor for my identity. I have realized my potential to educate and facilitate learning among the physically handicapped individuals. The nature of my job and my work experiences paved the way for deciding to pursue a career in education.This development in my life made me find substantial meaning in my life. It was during this period that I knew I was ready to finish my BA degree and become a teacher. This shift was caused by my experience in teaching and facilitating language interpretation in the county.

By seeing first hand the situation of disabled people, I have realized how lucky I am to have all my bodily functions working normally. As a way of alleviating their conditions, I opted to foster an active participation among disabled children and facilitate better learning and education for them.However, there are still a lot of things to be done and to be accomplished in order to help disabled people. One vital and important thing that I need to do first is to obtain my special education credential.

This objective is my “civilization” as I continue to journey through life. I have seen the nearness of the culmination of goal, however I must continue to persevere and work hard in order to achieve it. This particular objective can bring a lot of benefits because it can create a better life for me both emotionally and financially. Reaching this goal can create a lasting enforcement in my life as I gain relative stability and peace of mind.

I believe that on order to achieve one thing, one must persevere and work hard to attain it. Also, one must aspire and continue to follow their dreams towards their desired goals/“civilization”. Through this essay, I could be able to inspire readers to pursue their dreams and to follow what makes them happy.

More so, my experiences have served as an important factor in my endeavor and interest in special education. In line with this, I want to learn more about this field in order to develop specialized individual education programs to improve the lives of disabled people. I am not doing this because it is my job; I am doing this out of compassion and because of my desire to make a difference in the society.


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