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             My career  Interpreter and Translators I choose this career because, I think this career applies to me, since I speak two languages which, is spanish my first language, and english. Myself personally I want to learn more languages, and help people communicate with each other.  On of the things that I like about this career, is that I’ve been doing translating since I was younger, and is not something difficult at all.

One of the interesting facts about this career is that they are needed globally which is great opportunity to have a background or an idea of every cultural, or religious, and to help in a way that people use the most,  which is communicating to one another.Judiciary and conference interpreters may travel frequently.  Translation and Interpretation has been around since 300 B.C , when the Ancient Egyptians will get their own interpreter.  Another factor that played a large role in the advancement of interpreting was the Age of Exploration. With so many expeditions to explore new lands, people were bound to come across others who spoke a different language. One of the most famous interpreters in history came out of the Age of Exploration, specifically the early 16th century.

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This interpreter was of Mexican descent, and served Cortés on his crusades. Her name was Doña Marina, also known as “la Malinche.” La Malinche serves as good example of the feelings held toward interpreters in the Age of Exploration. Because the interpreters that helped the conquerors were often of native descent,                                                                                                                                            Davila 2their own people often felt that they were traitors, regardless of the circumstance and whether or not they were interpreting voluntarily. On the other hand, however, these people served as a connection between the native population and the explorers. The explorers therefore treasured these go-betweens. Furthermore, interpreters enabled many pacts and treaties to occur that otherwise would not have been possible; they have played a large role in the formation of the world that we know today (“A Brief History”).  Interpreters and Translators have a special advantage there are not many people working for this type of career which means their average salary is pretty high, According to United States Department of  Labor,  the mean annual wage is for $51,260, In most parts of the United States they pay up $74,130 annual mean wage (“Interpreters and Translators”).

 The reason for this kind of salary is because Interpreters and Translators have become very important role they enhance communication by conveying information accurately from one language to another and provide the communication people can’t do by themselves, The interesting part about this is that they are needed in every kind of industry doesn’t matter what it is.  According to (” Bureau of Labor Statistics”)  the education level is a bachelor’s degree is typically needed to become an interpreter or translator along with proficiency in at least two languages, one of which is usually English. High school students interested in becoming an interpreter or translator should take a broad range of courses that focus on foreign languages and English writing and comprehension. Beyond high school, people interested in becoming Davila 3 interpreters or translators have numerous educational options. Those in college typically choose a specific language as their major, such as Spanish or French. Although many jobs require abachelor’s degree, majoring in a language is not always necessary.Through community organizations, students interested in sign language interpreting may take introductory classes in American Sign Language (ASL) and seek out volunteer opportunities to work with people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

 One of the top universities in this career is, (“The University of Texas at Dallas”)  the university states that they give a better perspective of other languages but not just the outside of the language but the origin of that language. Where the student can comprehend the other language where the student can control and understand both languages. All acts of communication are acts of translation; all acts of reading are acts of translation; and all acts of interpretation are acts of translation.

Translation lets us understand the differences between cultures, Translation opens the door to world literatures, Translation establishes the dialogue with people from other countries, Translation initiates new forms of reading and interpretation ,Translation redirects research in the Arts & Humanities , and Translation erases the borders between disciplines, fosters interdisciplinary thinking and creates bridges between the Humanities, Art & Technology, and the Sciences. UT Dallas has center activities such Publication of review, Publication of books , Publication of (“Translation Center Electronic Newsletter”). Performance of bilingual poetry readings Readings of international plays in translation,  Design of new courses in conjunction with the program in Art and Technology Organization of symposia to promote literary translation and the study of cross-cultural communication, Collaboration with international   Davila 4 translation centers and universities.

Which I think is a easy way to comprehend a new language.One of the abilities or skills that are requiere is, speaking, talking to others Active Listening, Listening to others, not interrupting, and asking good questions. Reading Comprehension ,reading work-related information. Writing, writing things for co-workers or customers critical thinking ,thinking about the pros and cons of different ways to solve a problem Monitoring – keeping track of how well people and/or groups are doing in order to make improvements.

And for the abilities is,  Speech Recognition, Oral Expression , Oral Comprehension , Speech Clarity , Written Comprehension (“careeronestop”).All of my choices, my interest will be based on this career because I feel like It would be a career where I will be learning while I do it, which is a good thing because nothing is better than actually living or have an experience with it then what we usually read in books, or look up on the internet.  


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