My favorite recreation area, Florida Keys Essay

My favorite recreation area, Florida KeysI.

IntroductionFlorida Keys are one of the wonders of the world I should say. I believe that everyone desires to travel and visit its own recreation area in order to unwind and savor the fruit of their labor. One of the greatest and best places to visit with during vacation is Florida Keys. It has extraordinary and superb spots with accommodating people that tourists and natives will surely not forget. Florida Keys have amazing 1700 islets that will surely keep people from coming back and I am one of them.The purpose of this essay is to: (1) explore and discuss how beautiful Florida Keys are; (2) why Florida Keys are good for water events especially scuba diving and; (3) reasons why we should visit Florida keys.II.

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Discussion            Florida Keys are great places for scuba diving. It is good for tropical holidays that will motivate us to appreciate our own country and savor its own beauty. These areas are likened as the Caribbean of America because of its synonymous features and natural sceneries that is perfect for snorkeling, boating, kayaking, eco-tours, sport fishing, sailing and scuba diving which is my most favorite. The water is so blue and clear that I can truly say that it is like a paradise for me.

I can clearly see the corals and different kinds of fishes with colorful features. Every islet has unique features that invite visitors to stay and experience it.            The Florida Keys’ islets lie from Miami, Florida and run through the south west. These are attached through walkways and bridges. Since Florida Keys have many impressive islands, I will only describe first two islands because they already represent the entire Keys. The Key Largo is the first island of these prestigious spots.            In addition, the Key Largo has its superb and deluxe snorkeling and scuba diving; thus, the major alluring feature of this area is a park called John Pennekamp State Park.

It is very famous and impressive because there are lots of companies that offer trips to different parts of the area specifically in the sunken wrecks.            The second island is the Islamorada which lies south of Key Largo. This spot is very popularly of its sport fishing.

Every season has different fishing competitions and chances.III. Conclusion            In conclusion, Florida Keys are world class destination or recreation area because of its one of a kind feature that is truly admired not just by the natives but as well as by the tourists. Finally, the experience I had with the Florida Keys was unforgettable because of its fantastic services it offers.

After my journey ended, I planned again to travel back in Florida Keys because I want to try again the scuba diving and enjoy the places I already visited with and be with the accommodating and friendly staffs. 


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