My Favorite Hobby Essay

My favourite hobbies are swimming and fishing. They are sports. I like swimming because this can make me strong and I love eating small fish so I like fishing. To start with, my first favourite hobby is swimming. I started doing this when I was seven years old. I go to the swimming pool or the sea to do this. I need to bring my swimming goggles and swimming suit, and I usually do it once a week.

I do this with my friends and family. Second, my second favourite hobby is fishing. Fishing can let me know many kinds of fish and train my patient. I usually do it twice a month.

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I started doing this when I was eleven years old.I usually go to a river or drive a small boat to the lake. To do this, I need to bring a rod, some bait, a radiator and a fishing net. I do this with my family because they would cook the fish with me.

I like these two hobbies because they can keep my body healthy and soothe my pressure. Fishing can make me feel self-contented and self-sufficient. I’ll feel very successful and satisfied. I want to go fishing more often but my family do not have time to do this with me every week. In winter, I can’t go to swim because it’s very cold. There’re not many people do it and me too.

I hope that there’ll be no winter so I can always go to swim.


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