My Experience In Cambridge and London Essay

                                   My Experience In Cambridge and LondonLooking back at this previous summer, I must confess that I could not have wished for more. Not only was it only my most productive summer, it was an eye-opener to a lot of things. It was a time for self-discovery through acquisition of knowledge. Life is not all about learning but learning the right thing that would propel you towards your desired goal. I would describe the past summer as a step towards the right direction.As an international student, I found the atmosphere in Cambridge a little bit strange when I initially got here.

I discovered that there was another culture in operation here – a different way of doing things, a new approach to handling issues and a new environment entirely. However, I discovered that even though I am not from London, the atmosphere, both academic and social, was warm and suitable from learning. I immediately decided to incorporate myself into the community and adapt to the new culture that I found rather captivating.

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As a person, I have always been in support of education rather than schooling. I believe that the goal of education is to liberate a person and not confine him. In view of this, I decided that any course I was going to end up studying in University must be one which will offer me self-discovery and in which I would be passionate about. This was the sole reason why I decided to take the Reach Cambridge University Enrichment courses.On getting to Reach Cambridge University, I saw things in a new way. I have always been doing economics in my High school but none of my teachers have treated some topics the way it was taught at Reach Cambridge University. The tutorials were structured in a way that we were made to see these economical concept, not as an abstract idea but as a reality.

It was the first time in my life that I would saw “life” in economics and I was happy that I could contribute in class. The class was like a laboratory where concepts and theories are in economics and business were disserted practically. We were taught the practical way of applying theories and how they apply to economies and businesses.

In the various field trips made what was taught in class real. I would describe the field trips as the practical aspect of the course. Not only did it make me understand these concepts and theories more, it identify with them and by so doing, a vivid picture was imprinted in my mind.As they say, ‘all work no play makes Jack a dull boy’. After spending some time in the University, I took interest in the University football games.

I also took an excursion to 12 places within Cambridge and London. Some of the places we went were the London bus and the walking tours of the main sites, Tower of London, Harrods and the Globe Theater, York city tour and Minster, ‘King Lear’ at the Globe Theater, among others. These tours helped me in acclimatizing to London and the British culture.Furthermore, I attended several lectures during the summer in Reach Cambridge University. Although the eight lectures that I attended was informative and interesting, I particularly found the lecture on “Education in the UK’ and that on “Applying to Cambridge” valuable. This is because it provided me with all I needed to know about how to achieve my dream of studying in London.

It also made me discover that I was getting used to the British culture as not all that was said at the lecture was actually new to me.In conclusion, in the words of Edith Wharton, “Life is the only real counselor; wisdom unfiltered through personal experience does not become a part of the moral tissue.” When I came to London, I came as a naïve person but I can boldly say that the experience that I gained in the past summer at Reach Cambridge University is a valuable asset to me.  With the experience that I have gained, I can adapt with ease into any school in the UK.

Apart from this, Reach Cambridge University has built a passion in me and I have discovered myself and this would serve as an impetus to me for my University Education. 


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