My Dream Essay

Do you have dreams? And no, I’m not talking about the dreams you have in your sleep. I am talking about the dreams or goals we envision for ourselves for our future. Everyone has a dream, positive or negative; it may change as you age.

For instance, when you where little you probably wanted to become a superhero with x-ray vision or some other type of super power. Then when you grew older you felt that becoming a superhero was futile and could never happen, so you changed your dream to something that fits your personality.A person who accomplishes their dream usually feels a since of pride and joy. To feel this certain euphoria, I have to accomplish my dream of becoming a psychologist. A psychologist is a person who provides mental and health services to their patients.

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There are many different types of psychologist. Some do clinical work, researching, teaching, or work in businesses. The psychologists who research, apply the gathered knowledge they collect to everyday life situations.For instance, a psychologist doing research forms a question like, “How does peer pressure influence people’s behavior? ” When the questioned is formed, research is done to provide the necessary information to answer the inquiry.

I want to become a clinical psychologist because I like helping others. One of my best qualities is making people feel better when their down. I am also very interactive and friendly. A psychologist is a career that will fit my personality and help me become a better person.

I know that becoming a psychologist takes several years of hard work. I’m willing to endure hardships to fulfill my dream. To be successful you have to fail and to learn from that mistake so you won’t repeat it again. To become a clinical psychologist, it is required to have a license. In order to have a license you need a doctorate. If I become a clinical psychologist I will have a Ph.

D or an Ed. D. I will at least do four to five years of graduate work in psychology, plus an internship under the guidance of a psychologist.Working in the medical field is very common among my family. I want to do a lot of good things before I become old. Helping people and also making them happy is what I like to do.

If there were no such thing as immoral thoughts, there would be peace and prosperity throughout the world. To fix this problem you need to start with one person at a time. Help them change their bad thoughts and get them back into having a more productive and beneficial lifestyle. What is your dream, and how does it contribute into making the world a better?


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