My activity explaination for university Essay

Department of military affairs is such an interesting place I can never regret of the experience.  My twenty-six months experience in the military gave me a wide exposure to quite a number of intellectual reasoning that involves taking care of security of the nation. It is a place where protocol, orderliness and hierarchy ranks so high above everything. This has deposited in me a mentality of accomplishing missions as against any hindrance. We were not only physically trained; we were psychologically equipped with skills in every many area, especially as it relates to crime commission. My life has been eventful in a way since I was in high school where I got preparing ahead for most of my leadership achievements I later experienced in life.

I am a devotee with high sense of commitment in leadership position any where I find the privilege to serve the people. This is so evident in the military service I attended where I happened to be a leader of army squad in charge of educational division. The work entailed coordination of members of the division towards bringing out the best in them through regular supervision, thinking ahead with fore sight. It was about leading leaders of like minds with contagious passion that goes beyond a mere word of dictatorship. I equally used to champion vocational training session where new intakes got accustomed to our activities sooner after enrollment. In January 2002, I did won a prize for best squad leader of education from a division commander when i was a squad leader for one year.

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Beyond what I could narrate in this short space, taking a retrospective reflection of the past, I have learnt a lot about life in military service that can sustain me thought life.During the period of 1999 through 2004, I had working experience in a construction company which is one of the most progressive and dynamic real-time companies in Korea. I demonstrated excellent coordinating acumen regularly at work during winter and summer vacations when I do go for this work. Co-workers were really impressed for my rendered services to the company; this often earned me some credits above my schedule compensation. I have interesting team spirit that could endure conditions of conflicting human interest when working with colleagues through these experiences and extracurricular activities. I believe so much in team spirit even while I rendered my honorable and selfless service to my nation as a loyal army.

I am an admiral of Michael Jordan in my High school during 1996 to 1999. My extracurricular activity was to play basket ball. I enjoyed it so much. The intuitive skill in me also brought out a good performance when we play with other school during sporting celebrations and other local arts festival in the community.

To further buttress my vast diversity, I once worked as part time at shop where we promote the sales of cell phone and beautiful jewels. Born into a family of two, with my beautiful younger sister, we all live happily than anyone else in the world. Beyond doubt, I am so sure that my choice of this institution is not and can never be a misplacement of priority. It is birthed out of true passion to achieve my hoped vision, dreams, aims and objectives above. 


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