Music as the Medium and the Message Essay

Music is a way to expressing someone emotion, many people write sad songs while many others write happy songs. In the case like listening on an instrumental song or a song with foreign language lyrics, can you feel the emotion? The answer is of course yes! You can hear the melodies expressing emotion and the rhythm drives you to the atmosphere of the song. Music has its own message even without any lyric or content.In his book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964), Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher of communication theory famously stated that the medium is the message.

This phrase means that the medium has its own message. Especially in music, you can hear a piece of music, and you will feel the atmosphere of the music, whether sad, happy, scary, or anything. Even on the instrumental song or a song with a foreign language, which you cannot understand the lyrics.The message of a song contained on the lyrics, but we can feel the song’s emotion without listening or understand the lyrics. An instrumental song is a song without any vocals/singing part on the song.

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Basically, the instrumental song is about expressing soul and or skills. But the song can make the people to get inspirited by. Many instrumental song used at motivation training, musical therapy, and many else. Music has its own message. You can hear an instrumental romantic song (e. g. Always with Me Always with You – Joe Satriani) and your heart will feels like full of love.

And when you listen to a sad song (e. g. Don’t Cry – Guns ’n Roses) you have already known this is a sad song even you have not listen the lyrics. The music is carrying its own content by the melodies, whether is major (happy/cheerful) or minor (sadness/scariness), with or without the lyrics. Lyrics just to make the message aimed on the center of target.

So by hearing on a music, I believe that music is not only a medium, but it have its own content. Music as the Medium and the Message.


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