Museum visit writing assignment Essay

PART I1) Do you remember the first time you went to a museum? What did it feel like?            Just one question graced my mind during the time when I was curiously stepping inside a museum.

Does this place really owe up to my expectations of what a museum really is? For kids back then, museums are sometimes viewed as a boring place where there are things that are placed in the wall or displayed in the hallway with glass boxes. As kids, we tend to sought after the fun and interesting stuffs. Sometimes it really depends on the museum whether its enjoyable or not. As a kid, I wanted to see interesting stuffs that could raise curiosity out of my mind and would hold forever answers to things I have yet to know of.            My first time inside a museum made me realize how many people conceive art. I saw different representations of things that seemed interesting to other people and things that I never felt attracted to. A museum seemed to me as the place of different opinionated matters that suggests radical conclusions from different people.

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As I stepped inside my first museum, all that I could ever think of is to be careful of what I might be touching. I never wanted to ruin anything for it would cost a lot if I did.            During my first visit and after I exited the museum, I found myself dumbfounded of things that I could never understand why they are there at the museum and what is interesting about them.

2) What does it feel like to go to AIC now?            Today, as a much mature person, when I walked inside the Art Institute of Chicago, I still ask a lot of questions especially the word “why?”. Being more educated about a lot of things especially with art, I have found myself more understanding of museum exhibitions and galleries. Presently, I find enjoyment with the galleries in AIC for now I am more aware of the artists and the history of the masterpieces located inside of the museum.

Technology has also assisted in providing a more interesting museum not only in AIC but also in other museums as well.PART II3)         The two quotes from Stendhal and Keller do have similar sentiments. There descriptive forms of pointing out such detailed reactions of arousal or astonishment with regards to their first time experiences with their mentioned museums, create the feeling of connection.  Stendhal projects her reactions towards the Basilica of Santa Croce in Florence and evidently display her physical reactions that seemed to portray her huge connection with the confines of the museum and the link between her and the displays from the museum itself. In Keller’s statement, she provided such detailed information towards her physical connection with the masterpieces inside the museum.

She projected a feeling of having to be with one with the artists who made the collections in the museum. All in all, both of them showed positive reactions towards their museum experiences and both of them reflect the influencing effect of works of art from museums.4)         The reactions of both Pablo Picasso and Exene Cervenka towards museums suggest negative implications.

Picasso points out that museums project lies while Cervenka narrates that museums prevent people from seeing their masterpieces. Coming from such a notable artist, Picasso surely implies that he disapproves of museums and that there is huge negative barrier inside it. These pointed out factors by these two people displays a challenge for reflection towards what museums really are.

With these statements, one can lead to think twice about museums.            Though the side of these two people implicates a daunting reaction, the museum still serves to be a place for people to have opportunities on witnessing such astonishing man-made works, thus their statements seem questionably arguable. Their statements ring a bell but still they are overpowered by the positivity of the effects of museum on people.


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