Museum Field Trip Essay

Museum Field Trip            A good way to reinforce one’s learning is through activities which will provide you actual exposures and direct contact on the learning material. And that includes museum field trips. A museum website should necessarily possess the touch of the classical environment using the colors which would best reflect the site.

Nevertheless, it should not only be limited as to the interface of the webpage but most importantly from the content of each site.  As I paid visit to the nine (9) museums from their respective websites, I was drawn most to the two museums, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (from the American Tour) and the The Louvre (from the Europian Tour).From the interface itself (environment of the website), I should say that from my own point of view, The Louvre has an edge over The Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is because the Louvre presents a very captivating home page which displays a slideshow presenting the photos of the interior and exterior portions of the museum on the center section of its homepage. This alone invites the viewers to take more of a sneak peak that the museum presents. Also, it presents different highlights of the famous things that the museum has which is very much helpful in getting through an accessible self-guided tour. It did also reflect the kind of art that is expected of a European museum and explicitly shows the right colors for a place like a museum. The other one, on the other hand, shows more of an academic environment with the tint and color of the homepage presented.

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Basing on the content of the two museums, apparently,  The Louvre presents mostly the works of art of the European styles and contexts while The Metropolitan Museum of Art, portrays mostly of the American styles and contexts of art.The Musée du Louvre, as its French name, has 35,000 works of art showcased in eight departments, displayed in over 60,000 square meters which is intended for permanent collections. All these can be viewed one by one using their user-friendly access equipped with the description of each work of the art.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has 55, 192 work of the art, 968 special exhibitions, and 654 press rooms. This has exceeded the The Louvre in terms of the quantity of works of the art and the like. Yet, it is quite strenuous to take a look at all of these one by one. It would be quite inviting for a tourist if the featured masterpieces presented will be those which are indeed famous and historical.As I took a virtual tour on the two museums, I was more captivated and fascinated with the works of the art of The Louvre. It somehow gave me a feeling of being brought closer to the cultural heritage of the Europeans and it is like having a time travel back to the medieval period.

It was like being able to visit the museum in person since it has a three dimensional display for the exterior of the museum and two dimensional displays for each of the following: Near Eastern Antiquities, Egyptian Antiquities, Greek, Etruscan, & Roman Antiquities, Islamic Art, Sculptures, Decorative Arts, Paintings, Prints & Drawings, Architectural Views, and Medieval Louvre.In terms of exhibitions, The Metropolitan Museum of Art has more to offer than the other one. It appears to me that this museum not only caters to those tourists who want to discover the American cultural heritage, but also to those individuals who want to discover the new exhibits of the museums’ work of arts.In totality, both websites has the following features: history, collections, exhibitions, auditorium, activities, resources, memberships, and visit reservations.

Yet there are certain features that the one has and the other one does not.Looking into which site is better also speaks of the kind of experience that you have when you visited their site and if it satisfies your interests and curiosity.And thus, personally, if I were to choose which site I would prefer to visit again, it would definitely be The Louvre.Works CitedMetropolitan Museum of Art.

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