Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Niteroi Essay

The Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum ( Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Niteroi — MAC ) is situated in the metropolis of Niteroi. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil. and is one of the city’s chief landmarks. It was completed in 1996. Designed by Oscar Niemeyer with the aid of structural applied scientist Bruno Contarini. who had worked with Niemeyer on earlier undertakings.

the MAC-Niteroi is 16 metres high ; its cupola has a diameter of 50 meters with three floors. The museum undertakings itself over Boa Viagem ( “Bon Voyage. ” “Good Journey” ) . the 817 square meters ( 8. 790 sq foot ) reflecting pool that surrounds the cylindrical base “like a flower. ” in the words of Niemeyer. A broad entree incline leads to a Hall of Expositions. which has a capacity for 60 people.

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Two doors lead to the sing gallery. through which can be seen theGuanabara Bay. Rio de Janeiro. and Sugarloaf Mountain.The saucer-shaped modernist construction. which has been likened to a UFO.

is set on a cliffside. at the underside of which is a beach. In the movie Oscar Niemeyer. an designer committed to his century.

[ 1 ] Niemeyer is seen winging over Rio de Janeiro in a UFO which so lands on the site. proposing this to be the beginning of the museum. The MAC Scandal was a political dirt that occurred when the city manager Joao Sampaio inaugurated the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum. The MAC is located on a hill incline that had locked building rights set by the metropolis council.

Therefore in December 1996. the new city manager. Jorge Roberto Silveira sent a undertaking to the metropolis council to obtain the rights to building in that country. The undertaking was accepted in merely two yearss. giving permission to construct edifices up to 40 meters ( 130 foot ) .The metropolis council did non cognize that yearss before.

Zeca Mocarzel. sub-mayor of the Niteroi’s Oceanic Region ( of Jorge Roberto Silveira’s authorities ) bought the lands at a really low monetary value. claiming to the old proprietor that the part was locked and nil could be done at that place. So he bought the country and.

after the startup of the MAC which well increased the belongings values of the nearby countries. subsequently sold the land for more than 5 million reals. about 1. 250.

000 US dollars at the clip ( 2. 720. 000 dollars today ) . Because the dirt occurred merely earlier Christmas. the people of Niteroi said that it was Jorge Roberto Silveira.

Zeca Mocarzel and Joao Sampaio’s ( long-time Niteroi’s politicians ) “Christmas present” .


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