Multiracial Suicide Essay

In class we discussed how multiracial people are affected by discrimination and how this can cause suicide and depression in the multiracial individuals. This topic intrigued my interest in the multiracial society and it was crucial for me to research why this might be prominent and so profound in the multiracial community. While researching this topic, to my surprise, I actually found a lot of racist and discriminate remarks about people who are multiracial and non White Americans.In one article it was claimed that America’s nation is being taking away from the White people because non white individuals are receiving jobs in the workplace. I have also read articles on people losing their jobs for no reason but suspicion that they were the only non-white person working in the field. Later that month, this woman committed suicide. I don’t believe that discrimination is as bad as it was at one time but it is still very prominent in our nation and in our own communities.

We don’t acknowledge the hardships that multiracials have to face in order to be successful, have power, have respect, have equal opportunities to raise to the level of success as everyone else. Many of people in my life believe that there is no struggle for the multiracial or minority communities because we see public figures with high power that have been very successful. So many people, I feel, disregard the fact that there is still unequal opportunity. Allow me to explain why. We may see few minorities with high power in our country. But, what extent did they have to go in order to get there.Many White people strive to get job opportunities and many get successful careers without any education or very little education.

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I feel that if a minority in this country were do pursue the same career without an education they would be immediately shot down on the excuse that they have no prior education or experience. I haven’t seen many minorities in a successful job position where they have had no prior job experience or education. Yet, I see many, many White Americans receive high-paying careers in large companies that have never experienced a day of college education.Many Americans believe that there is now equal opportunity for everyone no matter what their race. But, this is not necessarily true. There may be equal opportunity but it can be significantly difficult for a minority to receive this opportunities.

I can see how these kind of struggles for multiracial and minorities can lead to serious depression, lack of confidence, and even worse outcomes. These are struggles that no human being deserve to go through just because the color of their skin or the origination of their country.


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