Multiple choices composition Essay

Composition QuestionsQuestion 1 5 points SaveA introduction usually comes:a.

At the very beginning of the essay following the title.b. After an introductory statement.c. Either at the very beginning or after an introductory statement to introduce the first point of discussion.d.

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At the end of the paragraph.Question 2 5 points SaveThe thesis statement provides what benefit to the essay?a. Gives the essay direction.b. Summarizes the essay conclusion.c. Provides coherence to the subject-verb agreement structure within the entire essay.

d. Supports the reference and citations.Question 3 5 points SaveA topic sentence tells the general topic and:a. The first supporting point.b.

All of the supporting points.c. The writers point or attitude about the topic.d.

Nothing else.Question 4 5 points SavePick the best ending for the following topic sentence: Saving money:a. Is done by some, but not by others.b. Is the topic of my paragraph.c. Can be looked at differently by different people.

d. Is a habit that people need to practice daily.Question 5 5 points SaveThe thesis without points listed requires a careful plan to keep the reader on track and should provide:a. Unity, direction, topic sentence, support.b. Direction, topic sentence, coherence, support.

c. The central idea of the essay without listing the points of development.d. Main point, specific detail, logic, unity.

Question 6 5 points SaveWhich best describes this topic sentence: My mothers cat is called Boots.a. Good topic sentence.b. Too broad.c.

Too narrow.d. None of the above.Question 7 5 points SaveGood writing could be referred to as the `road map` for the paragraph to provide an essay which flows with:a. Logic and smoothness.b. Unity.

c. Coherence.d. Support.Question 8 5 points SaveWhich characteristic of essay organization produces a `snowball effect?`a. Revision.b. Analysis.

c. Coherence.d. Emphatic order.Question 9 5 points SaveIdeas that are too broad are too large to develop in a single paragraph and tend to make a paragraph too:a. Coherent.b.

Vague.c. Analytical.d.

Overlapped.Question 10 5 points SaveBeginning with the most important idea and leading to the less important idea that is known by what name?a. Emphatic order.b. Thesis without points listed.c. Reverse emphatic order.

d. Definitions.Question 11 5 points SaveThis term also refers to the time order of occurrence:a.

Direction.b. Reverse emphatic order.c. Coherence and support.d. Chronological order.

Question 12 5 points SaveWhich characteristic of effective writing gives an essay a time order or order of occurrence?a. Unity, coherence, and support.b. Direction, coherence and support.

c. Chronological order.d.

Topic sentence, scenery, and logic.Question 13 5 points SaveWhich does not describe a topic sentence?a. Gives specific details and examples.b. Provides a road map for a paragraph.

c. States the main idea.d. Sets the course the paragraph will follow.Question 14 5 points SaveWhich of the following refers to a brief story used in writing to illustrate a point?a.

Narrow to broad introduction.b. Quotation.c. Anecdoted. Historical introduction.Question 15 5 points SaveMost subject-verb agreement problems occur in which of the following?a.

Present-tense, first person, plural.b. Present-tense, third person, singular.c. Present-tense, second person, plural.d. Present-tense, second person, singular.

Question 16 5 points SaveThe subject-verb agreement is incorrect in which of the following sentences:a. Red or white was the only color choice.b. Either apple slices or a banana would make a good snack.

c. Neither Sam nor his friends wants to take a nap.d. Susan or her mother is at home.

Question 17 5 points SaveThe subject-verb agreement is incorrect in which of the following sentences:a. There are tomatoes and cheese in the refrigerator.b. The instructions for writing the paper specifies that it be 500 words long.

c. One of the children has lost his sweater.d. There were three people waiting in line.Question 18 5 points SaveWhich subject-verb agreement rule is stated incorrectly?a.

A singular subject requires a singular verb.b. The subject of a verb may be found in a prepositional phrase.c.

A plural subject requires a plural verb.d. An indefinite pronoun requires a singular verb.Question 19 5 points SaveWhich subject-verb agreement rule is stated correctly?a. Compound subjects joined by and require a plural verb.b.

Compound subjects joined by and require a singular verb.c. When a compound subject is joined by either/or it requires a singular verb.

d. When a compound subject is joined by either/or it requires a plural verb.Question 20 5 points SaveThe subject-verb agreement is incorrect in which of the following sentences:a. Only one of the policemen was injured.b. Inside the car is a cat, a dog, and two children.c.

The toys sitting on the table are broken.d. Talking and chatting are synonyms.


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