Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Multinational Corporations Essay

Multinational Corporations Essay

Q.1 :

The current issues that are facing Saudi Arabia is that after the Us. Led war in Iraq in 2003-2004 have stemmed rumors that Saudi Arabia was financing terrorist activities , that made Saudi Arabia a target of the war on terror. Saudi Arabia has 2 specific climates for a business. The first, most Saudi Arabians are poor farmers and herders who tend their camels, goats, and sheep. The second business climate is the recent prosperous jobs connected to the oil industry, which makes it easy because Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of oil in the world.

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The issue is very complicated, technically if Auger was to pay 100,000 dollars it would be illegal , because in Saudi Arabia the matter of the country’s debt is hell between the hands of the king, ministers, and government officials. The issue in Saudi Arabia’s case is Legal because the ministers and government have to save each other’s debt, it works like a partnership system. Either way, it is real uncertain the what the real problem is, if its even true because as the insider in the Saudi Arabian government has denied any events of that sort occurring


In technical terms , the real issue in uncertain and honestly should be thoroughly researched and fact-checked. There are no specific or precise facts of other elements paying any amount of money, plus the fact that the government official denied any events of that sort. Overall, my conclusion is that other firms are NOT paying any kind of money and this event is more like a conspiracy than a situation.


I would recommend Skyblue to evade and try to single out itself from this deal, because honestly this whole situation is illegal first of all ,and secondly any kind of interference of this internationally transaction should have an entire system of research to make sure if paying the 100,000 is even legal to pay, and they should do their due diligence of all kinds of financial researches to weigh the pros and cons of this transaction , but firstly as I said earlier they should check out all the legal ,economic, and political aspect of this international transaction.