Multicultural Psychology Week 1 Essay

Multicultural Psychology Week 11.The name of the video game that I played and observed others playing is Motocross Madness.

This game comprises of a motorcycle race in which a single player or multiple players can participate. The players get to choose the rider and biker according to their choice. There is also option of choosing the number of opponents.

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The goal of this game is to instill a competitive spirit, logical thinking, and habit of calculating one’s action beforehand in order to emerge a winner. In this game the players are required to chase their opponents through their bikes and cross all hurdles that come in their way. The target audience of this game are boys and men of all age group.2. The cognitive skills derived from this game are to be aware of one’s surroundings and avoid hurdles to take the situation under control. The ability to be alert, to be able to focus on one’s target even during adverse situations and to be able to set aside hurdles to gain maximum results are some of the characteristics of the players that might influence the skills learned.

All these characteristics contribute to the larger picture of excelling in the day-to-day challenges that life throws upon us.3.Effort and practise always help in attaining the desired result. This game too teaches the same lesson. If we don’t make effort no one is going to help us out. In this context it has been rightly said that god helps those who help themselves. Also, if we don’t practise it is impossible to brush up our skills.

Hence, the saying that practice makes a man perfect stands absolutely true.4.This video game teaches us that if we merge the risks and the new things that we are trying with our consistent effort then success will never be far away.5. The gender of the player would definitely influence the skills learned. This game is meant for the males. Since by nature they love speed and competition in driving, they are going to extract the cognitive skills from this game in a much better way.

Cognitive skills learned from the games of girls definitely differ from the cognitive skills learned from the games of boys. The game of girls emphasize on skills like neat organization, reasoning, arranging things in the correct order, thinking about the consequences before taking a particular action etc. The games meant for boys emphasize more on skills like quick action, risk taking, doing things in great speed etc.6.Video games play a great role in preparing children for their adult life by teaching them life skills through the medium of play. The skills like risk taking, logical thinking, reasoning, organizing capabilities and the ability to combat hurdles in order to reach ones goals are nothing but a crash course on how to deal with the complexities of the adult life.

The responsibility of looking after the safety of the family is more on the males in my culture. The video games prepare them in the skills of combating opponents.7.  I don’t feel that those individuals who are not exposed to video games are deficient in skills needed to function as an adult in my culture. This is because video games are a new concept.

Earlier and even today more emphasis is given on a mix of indoor and outdoor games for all round development of children. Thus the emphasis should be on letting children play and not on whether they are playing video games or not.8. Television is one cultural artifact that just like video games helps children in preparing for their future adult life. Children are hooked to this electronic media and try to imbibe the characteristics of their own gender projected in the various television programs especially the daily soaps.


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