MSN messenger Essay

MSN messengerSubject:  Client NameFormat:  MLASummary: 1 pageThis paper explains the MSN messengers versions and its criticisms.Nostradamus the famous French astrologer had predicted that the world one day would get entangled in something similar to a spider’s web. This can be considered true by the starting of internet and more so, by instant messaging service like MSN messenger. When MSN messenger was launched it helped connect people from all over the world just over the applet. MSN messenger was created in the year 1999 and it operated under the name of MSN messenger till 2006, as afterwards it’s names was changed to ‘Windows Live Messenger’.

                                     MSN messenger has gone though from version 1 to version 7, and in all the version upgrades, the messenger has gone through changes from add on features to skin feel. The major up gradations have been from simple text messaging, to customization of chat, file transfers and the inventory technique of using VOIP, having troubleshooting and fun and games button. In the final versions of the 7th upgrade, MSN messenger made innovative changes and brought in the conceptual ‘wink’, where users could buy emoticons and also the inclusion of Xbox live integration, where players could send invites.  MSN messenger however had its fair share of security problems where the entire system could get affected and could be controlled by others. Also, MSN messenger had its share of criticism which can be assessed as follows:‘Ever since MSN Messenger has been released, it has been targeted entirely towards Windows users, leaving Macintosh users with a limited client and Linux users have also been effectively left in the dark, requiring third party software to log in and access their profile stored on the MSN Messenger servers and Another criticized aspect of MSN Messenger is the type of ID used. Unlike other message clients, MSN users are identified by an email address. Therefore, posted MSN IDs can be harvested for junk email’ (Computer Desktop Encyclopedia).

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