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The movie Enemy at the Gates is a combat film that was released in the year 2001.Directed by a multi-talented and famous movie director “Jean-Jacques Annaud”, the Enemy at the Gates was starred by two of the talented Hollywood actor Jude Law and Ed Harris to depict the happenings that have occurred during the Battle of Stalingrad way back in the World War Two era.Technically, the title of Enemy at the Gates was derived from the nonfiction book that was originally written by William Craigs in the year 1973, which tells the following actions that have happened throughout the Battle of Stalingrad from its span of 1 year.In essence, the movie is a depiction of the classic combat tale between the Soviet sniper Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev and his German great sniper rival, Major Erwin König, as they face each other on the battle field during World War II.

The motion film “Enemy at the Gates” is a movie about the nonfiction book of William Craig way back 1973, which enlighten one of the epic battles between the Russian sniper and German Nazi during 1942-1943 World War II called the “Battle of Stalingrad”. Fundamentally, the movie “Enemy at the Gates’ tells about the struggle of Russian Soviet armies to survive the invasion of German Nazi’s of Russia as a part of Hitler’s European incursion.In more in – depth review of the film “Enemy at the Gates”, the movie is an illustration of two different sides between the group and individual goal. In a combat film like the “Enemy at the Gates”, these diverse goals in the movie are presented and factor to the movie themes as the story progresses. Nonetheless, the group and individual goal are depicted in an either exposed or hidden way.In the story of the movie, the individual goal is depicted in the opening scene, on which Vassily Zaitzev practices his shooting ability as a sniper in the forests.

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The scene reveals the potential of Vassily Zaitzev as Russian sniper upon shooting for a hunt in the forests, which he dreams to be part of the Russian army men to battle with the rest of his German army counterpart in the epic battle of Stalingrad. In here, it is clear to say that the individual goal of Vassily Zaitzev and the group goal of Russian Army troop differ as vassily concentrate to the goal of becoming apart of the army, while the Russian Army aims to the goal of acquiring him to save the country from impending invasion of the Germans across Russia.Also, this event in the movie gives the appearance that the movie ‘Enemy at the Gates” is about a battle, which involves guns and ammunitions. In here, it is fair enough to say that the masculine side of the film is depicted, as the succeeding scenes are equipped with a bunch of combat scenes between the two major characters in the movie.Another main event in the movie is the scene where the two lead roles discover that they are both in-love with the same girl, which this scene had added more color in the story and conflicts as the movie presents. Nonetheless, this happening in the movie is as well the depiction of feminine in the movie as the two lead roles in the movie are bothered with there love triangle.In the end, the major event in the movie is the defining scene in the film is when Vassily Zaitzev the Russian sniper killed his German counterpart Major Konig, which he later discover that his lover had survived the and was in the rescue center.

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