Mount Sinai admission Essay

(1)       With the number of outstanding students at Mount Sinai Community, I feel that my persistence and unwavering dedication to learn is an important addition to the environment. I have the necessary amount of ambition and determination as a hopeful and can use it towards my own advantage as I meet all the struggles and challenges of a medicine student. Having the proper mindset and discipline can help uplift my acquisition of skills and interest that is important in every subject that I had to take.            Also, I feel that I have undergone numerous experiences as an individual to harness inside of me the willingness to learn. I take each incident both as an opportunity to learn and at the same time feel contended of standing up.

Recovering from a hard encounter has always been difficult for an individual especially if it involves a family or loved one. However, it is through this that we gain strength to strive for our individual betterment. We use each one as an inspiration towards the future hurdles that life may bring.            In addition, I believe in the importance of service in every profession. I continuously recognize the disparities and irregularities happening within the medical system in different societies around the world. In an environment where better facilitation is determined through class, I am willing to overcome these barriers by being a doctor. I wish to transcend constraints and provide the necessary treatment for patients without prejudice and regardless of beliefs, race, or personal affiliations.

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(2)       I am interested in Mount Sinai because I believe it can cater to the achievement of my goals and objectives in the future. I do feel that they provide an educational system that is not based on the social status but give it as a privilege towards selected individuals who have shown significant talents and capabilities that are worth teaching. Likewise, the school’s pursuit for excellence can never be daunted. With the increasing diversities and challenges in the health care system, the curriculum can provide me with the effective and sufficient theoretical background and training to handle these increasing obstacles.Also, I feel that the school’s initiative to provide quality doctors in practice is in line with my personal goals and aspirations. Personally, I had struggled and persevered to attain what I am right now. It helped me uncover the skills and talents that I barely know of and us it for the betterment of others.

With your acceptance, Mount Sinai can serve as a guide towards my purpose. The curriculum can redefine and hone my existing talents while at the same time tapping unto my personal abilities. With all of these, I believe the school can serve my purpose.(3)       There are indeed incidents during college that had indeed adversely affected my academic performance during college. The first round of incidents happened in 2004 when Hurricane Ivan devastated my hometown.

I can still picture it. `News Flash: Grenada in a state of emergency`. The prison collapsed and prisoners are on the loose.

Phone lines are dead and no one knew if my family was okay. I have never felt so confused and scared in my life. At this time, the feeling of uncertainty began to develop my. This challenge prevented me from getting the desired grades that I need during that particular semester.

            Thankfully my family was relatively okay. With this, I persevered again to pull my grades up. However, the second round of challenges came that will test my determination, patience and faith. About a month after Ivan, my brother, Kurt was highly aggravated and complained of numbness in the extremities. At the time my mother was unable to come to Miami. So I had to be by his side.

It was then that I learned to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This again took a toll on my studies as I tried to balance taking care of my brother and studying hard for my classes.            After accepting the fate of my brother, there was again another challenge that will forever change the way I view life. This happened with the death of my grandmother who was diagnosed with cancer. It shattered my faith and determination to persevere towards my goals. Due to this, a dark depression sank over me.

I wanted the pain to go away. I hated the fluctuations of good feelings and what felt like endless tears. I felt like the thing God was asking of me was more than testing me–it was hurting and changing me. Moreover, I was taking two of the most difficult subjects at the same time; organic chemistry and physics II.

            Though all these things affected my performance during college, it also introduced to me the importance of the term ‘never giving up’. I used all these obstacles as an inspiration to others that no problem can be left unresolved. You just need the proper amount of strength and discipline to do so.


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